Domino’s vs. Little Caesars: Which Is Better?

Which brand is the best in a Domino's vs Little Caesars battle? Domino's has always been a favorite when it comes to ordering pizza, and for good reasons. While Little Caesars does a great job making commendable pizza, I would always go with Domino's if I had to choose. Here is how Little Ceasars compares to Domino's.

1) Pricing

Domino's 0: Caesars 1

Domino's pizza is more expensive than Little Caesars.

The price tag that Domino's has on their pizza has never been an issue for me because the pizza taste really does justify the price compared to Little Caesars. However, this might signal many other factors, such as the quality of ingredients used and the general culture that a pizza joint offers.

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Little Caesars comes in handy when there is a big hangout or when I am on a budget and need to eat something. Therefore, I would not say Little Caesars wins this category.

2) Pizza Base

Domino's 1: Caesars 0

The base is a big deal for me when looking for the best pizza. When making this comparison, I remember that different people have different base preferences and might not go for the same recipes. However, Domino's is still my favorite pizza when comparing the base.

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The base on Domino's is light enough but not too thin to be satisfying. However, I have noticed that Domino's have a consistent base on their pizzas, making me conclude that they follow their recipe to the letter.

Whether you prefer a thin crust, thicker options, or a crispy crust, it is good to know what to expect when you order a pizza, and Domino's has the consistency. Thus, it has a clear win in this category.

3) Pizza Sauce

Domino's 1: Caesars 0

The sauce used on a pizza slice will make it feel drier or more forgiving in the mouth. This is especially the case when the ordered pizza takes a short while before you eat it. While there are differences between the recipes used by major pizza joints like Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Domino's, and Little Caesars, having the sauce well balanced in the ingredients should be common practice among the pizza joints.

The sauce at Domino's has more flavor compared to the traditional red sauce offered by Little Caesars. In addition, the sauce-to-base thickness ratio on Little Caesars is a bit inconsistent because the base is too thick. This makes Little Caesars taste like cheap pizza.

Domino's and Little Caesar offer different sauce options like any other pizza chain. However, the former has a consistent depth in how their sauces taste. Thus, Domino's wins this round too.

4) Pizza Toppings

Domino's 1: Caesars 0

The first thing I look at when getting pizza is how generous they were with their toppings. I have always felt played by how Little Caesar's pizzas have toppings sparsely distributed on top. Maybe they are saving on cost; I would not know.

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Domino's have a generous amount of toppings on their pizzas, which is why I go for the chain whenever I need a saturated bite.

Domino's have more ingredient offers on their toppings. This gives me more to choose from. However, this can be a bit overwhelming when making orders fast. This is a good problem, I would say. Hence, this category goes to Domino's.

5) Pizza Options

Domino's 1: Caesars 0

While having too many options to choose from can be overwhelming, the choices improve the experience because more people can be accommodated when ordering pizza. Domino's has a wider ingredient option list to choose from. I like the fact that I can decide whether I want a thin crust or not. Apart from choosing the base, I can decide the toppings I want and in what combination.

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If you are out to order from Little Caesar's, I can guarantee that you will get pepperoni pizza. Other than that, their options cover the basic choices that other pizza chains have and nothing special.

6) Extra Ingredients

Domino's 1: Caesars 1

If you are a fan of cheese, sometimes you might want extra cheese on your pizza or maybe extra dips if you like the sauce offered by the joint. I think they can both do better when comparing Domino's and Little Caesar's in this category.

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Domino's and Little Caesar's have a tie in this category. However, I have seen other restaurants do better. Nevertheless, there are cheeseless pizza options if you are not into cheese.

7) Size

Domino's 1: Caesars 1

Sometimes when ordering pizza, I look forward to having a large one. I never have an issue with sizes from Domino's or Little Caesar's because they both offer generous quantities.

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If you consider the crust part of the size, then Domino's will give you a thinner crust, while Little Caesar's has a thicker one. However, if you do not mind the crust size, it might be better to look at other factors to choose the best.

8) Deals

Domino's 1: Caesars 0

Special deals are how I get to enjoy pizza. Deals are why I am grateful for the many pizza joints competing for customers. I have noticed that Domino's keeps coming up with deal after deal, and they always have something to look forward to. Unfortunately, Little Caesars offers fewer deals compared to Domino's.

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The many deals that Domino's offers allow me to try out their different combinations because no two deals are similar in most cases. Consequently, Domino's wins this category.

9) Customer Service

Domino's 1: Caesars 1

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Customer Service depends on the person you have met at the counter for the day. However, both Domino's and Little Caesar's generally have good customer service. This is one huge selling point for both pizza chains.

10) Vegan and Gluten-Free Crust

Domino's 1: Caesars 1

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Both Domino's and Little Caesars have gluten-free and vegan options to try out. Hence, they both tie in this category.


Domino's 9: Caesars 5

Domino's is the clear winner compared to Little Caesars in almost all categories. This is not to say that pizza from Little Caesars is not worth trying out. However, when it comes down to it, Domino's dominates this race.

How to Reheat Pizza

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Not every time am I able to start eating the pizza after delivery. Sometimes it gets cold before I get to it. Therefore, I have to reheat the pizza because there is no way I am having it cold.

i) Reheating Pizza Using a Skillet

If you have a piece or two of pizza to heat, the skillet is perhaps one of the most accessible options. The skillet has a surface that will reheat the pizza adequately while retaining its taste.

I first heat the skillet under high heat before I start using it. For this reason, I advise against using a non-stick pan because high heat is not ideal for such pans.

Once I heat the pan, I reduce the heat to medium-high, then place the pizza on top. The skillet will maintain its heat until the pizza is ready for consumption.

ii) Toaster Oven

I got the best toaster oven for my kitchen counter for moments like these. I need two cycles for the pizza to be warm enough to eat again.

The toaster oven is a convenient way for me to warm the pizza because it can take in two whole pizzas in the two compartments. This makes it more convenient to use the oven than the skillet, which might not be able to accommodate really large pizzas.

iii) Microwave

Microwave is perhaps one of the most common ways to warm food. Pizza is no exception. Whenever I am in the office, this is how I warm my pizza because the its kitchen has a retro microwave.

iv) Reheating Pizza Tips to Keep it Fresh

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I can add some ingredients like cheese and veggies when reheating pizza. This ensures the pizza remains fresh, and the moisture from the additional ingredients makes the base soft.

I avoid using very high heat unless I want the pizza crust to be crunchy, which I do not prefer in most cases.

How to Keep Pizza Warm

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Pizza gets cold fast, and I am not a huge fan of reheated pizza. Therefore, I have found ways to keep the pizza warm for long enough to eat it in its original state.

Here are some ways to keep pizza warm.

1) Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is the most used material to keep food warm because it reflects heat. I have the pizza wrapped in foil whenever I am not ready to eat it immediately. Foil is easily accessible and affordable in the store. Plus, I can use foil to keep other foods warm.

2) Oven

Some ovens have the keep warm feature. If yours does, now is the best time to use it.

3) Insulated Food Bag

The insulated bags are used to deliver your pizza. If you have one of these bags, your pizza will stay warm, especially if you are taking the pizza outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Domino’s vs. Little Caesars Pizza

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a) What is the most popular pizza offered at Domino’s?

The buffalo chicken pizza is a popular choice enjoyed by people who buy pizza at Domino's. The hot sauce and the butter blend are a favorite among everyone who tries out the pizza.

b) Can I get free pizza from Domino’s?

With Domino's, you can earn points that you can redeem at a later time to get free pizza. You get 1o points for every $10 you use on the pizza chain.

c) What is hand-tossed crust vs. pan-tossed crust?

Hand-tossed pizza is known to have a thinner crust compared to pan-tossed pizza. This is the case not only in Domino's but in other brands too. Pan-tossed pizza is also known as deep-dish or Chicago-style pizza. Detroit-style pizza is also made using a pan. These pizzas have a thick crust to them.

The dough in hand-tossed pizza is stretched by tossing it in the air. Instead of a pan, the dough can be baked using a slab inside an oven. The hand-tossed pizza has a thin crust, also known as the New York Style pizza.

The hand-tossed pizza needs a higher skill set compared to pan-tossed pizza.

d) After how long can I eat my pizza?

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How long the pizza lasts will depend on the toppings on the pizza. You do not want to let the pizza stay for too long before you consume it because it will not be safe for you. For example, cheese blended with pepperoni pizzas lasts longer than meatball pizzas. The toppings play a major role here. The pizza should not stay in the fridge for more than two days before you eat it.

e) Can I reheat pizza in its box?

I would not recommend that you reheat pizza while still in its box. Depending on your method of reheating the pizza, the box might catch fire, causing a hazard. So again, this is not a safe practice.

Pizza boxes contain different chemicals which are not safe for human consumption. The chemicals can be in the paint used to print the name of the pizza brand you ordered from.

Reheating pizza while still in its box changes the taste to an extent. The box smells distinct from being heated, and you do not want to have this on your pizza.

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Domino’s vs. Little Caesars: Which Is Better?