The 5 Best Domino’s Crust Types (Complete Rankings)

The 5 Best Domino’s Crust Types (Complete Rankings)

After you’ve picked which kind of pizza you want, there are 5 Dominos crust types to choose from.

How do you decide?

Fortunately, after years of experimentation (aka eating a bunch of pizza), I’ve assembled my power rankings of the best Domino’s crust.

#1 is the clear winner, with #2 not far behind. After that, it’s a bit of a toss up (pun intended) and worth some experimentation.

Without further ado, here are the 5 best Dominos crusts in the USA.

The Best Dominos Crust Types

1. The Best Domino’s Crust: Hand Tossed Pizza Crust

I love the hand-tossed pizza crust for a variety of reasons. For instance, the crust is medium-sized and crispy, which improves the taste of all pizza toppings. But, more than that, I love that making a hand-tossed crispy crust is a work of art; they prepare the crust by hand, at some point tossing it in the air to expand it before transferring it to a pizza stone. Want to see how it’s done? Below is a video detailing every step after kneading the dough- from pounding, and stretching, to tossing it in the air to form the crust.

A hand-tossed pizza crust is physically different from other types of crusts offered by Domino’s. For example, it comes in an uneven shape and a rough base. In addition, because it is tossed in the air to expand and gain shape, the pizza dough harvests a lot of air bubbles that burst when baking, resulting in a very colorful crust.

I also love the taste of this Domino’s pizza crust. After tossing it in the air and gaining the best shape, the dough is scooped with a dusted pizza peel, then layered with lots of mozzarella cheese, sauce, pepperoni, and other toppings and transferred to the pizza stone. So, it is not cooked with oil, giving it the dry and edgy crunchy taste that marries well with the minimal toppings it is layered with.

I love customizing my Domino’s hand-tossed pizza, so I choose extra mozzarella cheese, the hearty marinara source, meat toppings, and herbs before ordering it with a marinara sauce dipping cup. If you want to try this pizza crust, I advise going for intense toppings. This is because the crust is not designed for extravagant toppings, so the minimal toppings you choose should pack a punch.

2. The Second Best Dominos Crust: Handmade Pan Pizza Crust

The Domino's Pan-Made Crust

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Like the hand-tossed option, the pan pizza is handmade, but you spread it on an oiled pan to give it shape and thickness. Are you wondering more about the differences between handmade pan pizza and hand-tossed pizza crusts? Here is a Masterclass article to guide you.

Domino’s Pan-made pizza crust was introduced in 2011 and has become the go-to crust option for many cheesy crust pizza lovers from this chain. Unlike my top two pizza crusts, the deep pan crust is much thicker and chewy, with a moist, butter-like quality.

After proofing, the crust is made with ever-fresh dough and divided into smaller patties. Each patty is then transferred onto an oiled pan and spread by hand to cover the entire base. Once the dough is evenly spread on the pan, it is layered in toppings such as cheese, marinara or tomato sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, veggies, and more before being baked.

The entire crust is usually covered in toppings, and since it is baked in an oiled pan, it is oilier than the two pizza crusts above. In addition, the pan pizza looks golden because it bakes on an oily surface.

3. The Third Best Domino’s Pizza Crust Type: Brooklyn Style Pizza Crust

Dominos Brooklyn Style Pizza Crust

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The third types of dominos crusts is the Brooklyn Style. Having eaten pizza in New York, I cannot resist the temptation of folding my pizza slices, but not all crusts are made to fold. So, whenever I don’t get a hand-tossed pizza crust, I always go for Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza crust.

This crust is also handmade, from kneading to shaping it on a pan. It is just slightly thicker than the Thin ‘N’ Crispy crust and thinner than my favorite hand-tossed pizza crust.

The New York-style pizza is prepared from a small patty that is then stretched by hand until it gains the desired shape and size. In the end, the dough is stretched thin and layered with loads of pepperoni and meats but with lesser cheese. So, it is not a cheesy crust, but it will be very tasty when taken with a tasty sauce.

4. The Fourth Best Domino’s Crust Type: Crunchy Thin Crust

The Dominos Crunchy Thin Crust

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The next of Dominos crust options is called the Thin ‘N’ Crispy crust and is Domino’s thinnest crust. The dough is rolled thin before being transferred into a baking pan and layered with lightweight toppings. While the crust is thin, it is still sturdy enough to hold the desired pizza toppings. According to Domino’s, they only use fresh dough, guaranteeing the best consistency every time.

This thin and crispy crust has a cracker-like and flaky feel that gives it a unique taste, with or without toppings. But, when you buy the pizza, it will come with wonderful toppings, like cheese, pepperoni, meats, and more, so the whole meal will have a pleasant flavor to go with the crust’s satisfying crunch.

5. The Fifth Best Dominos Crust: Gluten-Free Crust

The Domino's Gluten-Free Crust

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As a leading pizza chain in the world, you can be sure to find special types of pizzas with special ingredients tailored to different diets. If you have a problem with gluten, I advise you to try this Domino’s gluten-free crust. Unlike other Domino’s crusts, this one is made with water, rice starch, potato starch, rice flour, and olive oil rather than wheat, barley, or rye. 

The crust is relatively thin and crunchy and is often topped with loads of cheese and other ingredients. Unfortunately, this crust is only offered in a small size, and you will pay a lot more for the gluten-free feature. Still, the company does not guarantee zero traces of gluten because the dough is prepared in the same spaces where gluten-loaded crusts are prepared.

Those are the 5 different crusts at Dominos.

Domino’s Classic Cheese with All Pizza Crust Prices

If you want to buy a Domino’s pizza, here are the starter prices for cheese pizzas with different crusts;

Type of Crust- Size- Price

  1. Hand-tossed crust – Small (10″)- $5.99
  2. Hand-tossed crust – Medium (12″)- $7.99
  3. Hand-tossed crust- Large (14″)- $9.99
  4. Deep pan crust- Medium (12″)- $7.99
  5. Thin ‘N’ Crispy crust- Small (10″)- $5.99
  6. Thin ‘N’ Crispy crust- Medium (12″)- $7.99
  7. Thin ‘N’ Crispy crust- Large (14″)- $9.99
  8. Brooklyn Style crust- Large (14″)- $9.99
  9. Brooklyn Style crust- X-Large (16″)- $11.99
  10. Gluten-free crust- Small (10″)- $8.99

What Are the Differences Between the Five Domino’s Pizza Crusts?

Differences Between the Five Domino's Pizza Crusts

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While I have my clear favorite, choosing the best pizza crust is not always easy. The crusts use the same ingredients, and the main differences are hard to notice if you only want to beat a pizza craving. However, these are features you can choose in a Domino’s crust:

a) Thickness

Domino's crust thickness

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The first thing you might want to get right is how thick your crust is. Domino’s pizza crusts come in different thicknesses as follows;

  • The Crunchy Thin crust is the thinnest
  • The Brooklyn-style Pizza Crust and the gluten-free crust are the second thinnest
  • The hand-tossed pizza crust is thicker than the Brooklyn-style pizza
  • The pan pizza has the thickest crust

In addition, there are reasons you will want to choose the pizza crust thickness carefully:

  • The crust determines how fast your pizza cooks, which is important whenever you need to order a quick meal for guests
  • A thicker crust supports your favorite pizza toppings
  • A thinner crust is crunchy, thus yummy even when you eat it without toppings

b) Texture

Domino's crust texture

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If appearance matters to you, here is how different the Domino’s pizza crusts look and feel:

  • The hand-tossed pizza crust is the roughest of all since it forms air bubbles when shaping, and these pop when it bakes
  • The Brooklyn-style pizza is the second-roughest crust as it takes an uneven texture after being spread by hand
  • The pan pizza is smoother than the Brooklyn-style pizza because it is thicker and baked in an oily pan
  • The thin crust pizza crust is the softest since it is rolled with a pin before being gently transferred into a baking pan

c) Taste

The crust is the base of any pizza, so it carries a unique flavor that marries well with the pizza toppings for the great taste you desire. As such, you will want to pick the tastiest crust from Domino’s as follows;

  • If you want a bland crust so you can feel the flavors of your toppings, the Crunchy thin crust is your best choice
  • If you want a balance of flavors between the crust and the toppings, medium-thickness crusts, such as the gluten-free, hand-tossed, and Brooklyn-style crusts, are your best choices
  • If you want a crust that stands out even with the toppings, the thicker and fluffier buttery pan pizza crust is ideal

Conclusion: The Best Dominos Crust

Given a choice between the five pizza crusts from Domino’s, I find the hand-tossed pizza crust the best option. I love it because it has just the right thickness to marry with my favorite toppings. It works best with most meat toppings, though I also loved it on a Domino’s Pacific veggie pizza with spinach, mushrooms, Provolone Cheese, and other vegetarian toppings.

If you were unsure which crust to choose for your next pizza, I hope my review of all Domino’s pizza crusts above will make choosing easier. As you research, remember the crusts are made with the same ingredients apart from the gluten-free crust. The only difference with the wheat crusts is how they are pounded, spread, and shaped, as well as how crunchy or chewy they feel.

FAQs - Best Dominos Crust

Which crust is best in Dominos?

The best Dominos crust is the Hand Tossed Pizza Crust.

What's the difference in Dominos crusts?

Hand Tossed pizza crust is thinner than the Handmade Pan but thicker than the Crunchy Thin. Hand Tossed pizza is also accented with a garlic/oil blend. The Brooklyn Style is cut into big slices so you can fold each slice and eat it like a New Yorker. The Handmade Pan is the thickest crust offered by Domino's. The Gluten Free crust is made without wheat flour.

Which is better hand tossed or thin crust Dominos?

The Hand Tossed Pizza Crust is better than the Think Crust at Dominos.

What are the 5 types of crust at Dominos?

The 5 types of crust at Dominos are Hand Tossed, Handmade Pan, Brooklyn Style, Crunchy Thin, and Gluten Free.

How are Domino’s pizza crusts made?

Four of five Domino’s pizza crusts are made from the same dough ingredients; water, yeast, sugar, salt, and oil. These ingredients are kneaded well before being shaped by hand or using a rolling pin. The technique determines how thick, thin, or textured a crust is.

The fifth Domino’s crust is a gluten-free option made with yeast, rice flour, potato starch, rice, sugar, salt, and oil before being spread and layered with toppings.

How big are Domino’s crusts?

Domino’s crusts are designed into three sizes;

  • Small (10″)
  • Medium (12″)
  • Large (14″)

When choosing the best crust, understand some are available in specific sizes. For example, the gluten-free crust only comes in the small (10″) size, while the Brooklyn-style pizza crust is only available in the Large (14′”) size.