5 Types Of Pizza Ovens. How To Choose The Right Oven For You?

5 Types Of Pizza Ovens. How To Choose The Right Oven For You?

An oven, sometimes known as a pizza oven, is a kitchen appliance that cooks by exposing the food to radiant heat. The term “pizza oven” can refer to either an electric or gas stovetop range with built-in grill features for cooking pizzas. There are also standalone units designed specifically for use in pizza restaurants.


Pizza ovens are an essential part of the pizza making process, but there are many types of pizza ovens with a variety of shapes and sizes. So if you’re looking to buy or build your own oven, then this article will help you figure out what kind is best for your needs!

The following types of pizza ovens are discussed: Brick ovens, Deck-style ovens, Convection pizza oven, Conveyor pizza oven, Countertop pizza oven. The pros/cons of each type are also listed below.

What is a pizza oven?

A pizza oven is a piece of kitchen equipment that cooks food by exposing it to radiant heat. The heat is produced by a fire burning in or immediately outside the oven, so it’s really more of a grill than an oven.

The pizza oven got its name because it was invented back in 1889 for making pizzas, but nowadays they can be used to cook many other types of food too such as breads and meats.

How does it work?

Pizza ovens typically work like this: There is a fire burning on the floor of the oven, inside an enclosed chamber. The flames heat up metal sheets which act as an “inner wall” of the oven; they absorb all of the heat, and then radiate it outwards into the air.

This means that instead of heating up the kitchen itself, the fire only heats up a small space in front of it.

A layer of insulation keeps this hot air from escaping directly into your face. A removable pizza stone sits on top of this inner wall and absorbs most of its heat so that when you open up the door to put your food in, some radiant energy escapes but not enough to cool everything down too much. As the food cooks, the stone slowly cools down and is reheated by this same hot air.

Types Of Pizza Ovens

There are many different types of pizza ovens and ranges suitable for making pizzas. Each type has its own pros/cons, so it’s important to do your research before you make a purchase or build your own unit!

Pizza ovens can be divided into several types based on size, shape, type of ingredients, materials, etc. Here are some basic types of pizza ovens. These types of pizza ovens create some of the most authentic and irresistible pizzas.

Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages which means they’re suited to different types of kitchens.

It is possible to purchase a standalone unit designed specifically for pizzerias but this option is only available to commercial businesses with the necessary capital to buy it. Otherwise you might consider owning a commercial pizza oven available in the market that has a lot of options for you.

Indoor home units also exist but they’re a relatively new invention and don’t have a long track record yet.

To get you started, it is important that we cover the different types of pizza ovens and their prices. This will help set your budget before going into market research for a specific model or type of unit! Here are five popular models in various budgets:

1) Brick ovens

For those who want a more authentic taste of Italy, brick-style pizza ovens are the way to go. A brick-style pizza oven is a perfect choice for those who want to make their own authentic Italian pie. These machines are known as having a rustic look and feel, but not only do they have great taste – also!

A brick pizza oven uses the traditional wood-fired method to cook pizzas slowly and evenly at optimum temperatures. Unlike gas, you can also use an open fire inside of one for cooking with smoke rather than just heat; this will give your food that authentic taste its fans rave about!

These durable bricks are made out tough clay or ironstone crem residues which allow them to withstand high levels of combustion without burning themselves down whilst maintaining their shape over time no matter how many times they’re used – so long as there’s enough fuel available in any case.

Pizza lovers will go wild over this! Browning and crisp crust, in 2-3 minutes? That’s all thanks to the Brick Oven Pizza. Brick ovens are a popular choice for pizzaiolos.

These brick structures require about 45 minutes to heat, but once they’re hot – as long as it reaches 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or 740 Celsius- the preheating period can last up 8 hours!

Because of this large amount of time spent above 700°F (371 °c), these baking surfaces retain much more radiant energy than other types and therefore reflect incredibly high temperatures over an area: 2-3 minutes depending on size with 10 pizzas cooked per batch at 5 minutes intervals in record-breaking times

They function by lighting a fire, either via wood or gas insert and then placing it onto an open-air deck where heat finishes off the job for you!

Being able to cook more pizzas in less time means these oven types are ideal for restaurants whose main menu item is pizza.

If you’re looking a traditional Italian theme, go with a wood-fired brick or stone ovens which can be customized by size and materials used as well as contractor hired out at different rates depending on what they specialize in doing specifically; this will ensure that your investment lasts longer than other options might do!

One of the most important factors that should be considered when installing a brick oven is its preheating time.

They take longer than other types but this does not mean you cannot multitask with them as it’s easy for one side to get burnt while cooking on conveyor belts because they are so quick at getting heated up!

In general, once everything has been placed correctly and manually adhered too then there won’t really any risk involved in using these type of Ovens just make sure everyone knows what their job entails beforehand

The drawbacks associated with having an outdoor fire fueled oven such as:

– Needing to clean and maintain it on a regular basis after each use.

– They’re not suitable for indoor areas; they need at least an open space with room to breathe!

– Some places require permits so check your local laws before installing one of these.

– They can get pretty pricey to maintain or fix if something breaks.

Additional Information:

  • Size: Large, 150 cubic feet to 400 cubic feet
  • Power Sources: Wood, gas
  • Price: $100-$5,000
  • Cook time: 2-3 minutes, preheat 45-60 minitues
  • Standard temperature range: 600-1,000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Suitable to cook: Fresh flatbread, thin crust and deep dish pizzas
  • Best for: Fine-dining restaurants, outdoor dining, rustic establishments, traditional pizzerias

2) Convection Pizza Oven

Convection ovens are smaller versions of brick ovens, but they have higher heat output which means you can cook multiple pizzas at a time! That’s why it’s perfect for those who want to expand their menu outside the typical Italian items.

You’ll be able to bake bread too, with ease making this type of machine multi-functional. A new trend that’s catching on is using convection ovens individually as stand alone machines; grocery stores and coffee shops love them because they’re compact enough to fit into tight spaces like these!

They’re easy to maintain and use. One of the most favoured features about having one of these is that they can make ‘fake’ wood fired flavor without an actual fire source needed!

For restaurants who want to be able to cook more than just pizza, convection ovens are the answer.

– It’s much easier for them to achieve higher temperatures when you need it quickly so they can cook or bake multiple things in one go!

– They use a lot less wood and fuel which means there’s more of a chance that your operating costs won’t explode from having a traditional brick oven!

– These types of pizza ovens will last longer with regular maintenance because of the reduced amount of moving parts involved which is definitely not something you can say about traditional Wood Fired Brick Ovens!

– The heat output isn’t as large as its larger counterparts, meaning that if you’re looking for recipes with large volume pizzas, this oven might not work for you.

Additional Information:

  • Size: Small, 15 cubic feet to 60 cubic feet
  • Power Sources: Gas, electric
  • Price: $50-$1,000
  • Cook time: 5-7 minutes, preheat 15-20 minitues
  • Standard temperature range: 425-500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Suitable to cook: Fresh or frozen flatbread and thin crust pizzas
  • Best for: Bars, casual-dining restaurants, cafeterias, schools.

3) Deck Pizza Oven

Deck ovens are the largest of them all, but they are also one of the most commonly used types for large establishments that need to cook dozens of pizzas in a short time period.

You can control both sides at once which is perfect for cooking pizzas with different toppings. One feature that’s interesting about this type is that they’re very efficient when it comes to using their fuel sources because only the bottom side will be lit up while you use it! The upper half remains off until needed, eliminating wasted heat during idle periods.

They are easy to maintain and use because there aren’t many moving parts involved compared to other Ovens, making it less likely for something to break down after a lot of regular use.

Some people prefer to use a deck pizza oven because it’s easier than using bricks. A stone or stainless steel surface goes under the pies, which create more even heating and provide an excellent crispiness – especially when compared with other cooking methods like direct flame grilling – but that doesn’t mean wood isn’t good for pizzas either!

It will give you great browned edges on your pie plus added moisture in order to get them nice & crispy just how we likes them best 😋

To cook your pizza, first heat the oven to 400 ˚F-700 ° F. This could take up to an hour! Once it is heated place dough directly on stone and wait for 6 minutes depending on thickness of crusts with models having 2 decks holding 4 pizzas each or more if available as some come with multiple levels which increase capacity but reduces cooking time per slice by half since you only have one layer going at once.

– This is the best type for heavy duty use because of its large size and wide temperature range.

– They are quite tricky to learn how to use properly compared to other oven types, so make sure to look for a training course if you don’t know how!

Additional Information:

  • Size: Medium, 100 cubic feet to 200 cubic feet
  • Power Sources: Gas, electric
  • Price: $50-$30,000
  • Cook time: 5-10 minutes, preheat 60 minitues
  • Standard temperature range : 400-700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Suitable to cook: Fresh or frozen thin crust pizzas as well as deep dish pizzas. Can also be used for baking breads and rolls.
  • Best for: Casual-dining restaurants, fine-dining restaurants, traditional pizzerias. Businesses that need to cook a lot of pizzas fast!

4) Conveyor Pizza Oven 

If you have a small business that doesn’t need to cook dozens of pizzas every day but still wants the same quality as one of those large establishments, then this type of oven will probably be your best bet!

If you’re looking for a pizza oven that can cook up some delicious, crispy crusts then there are two conveyor types of pizza ovens to choose from: full-sized freestanding units and countertop industrial ones.

The first option is an industrial-style countertop unit which uses radiant or forced air heating methods and produces consistent results every time – no matter what type it may be used in!

If your budget allows however I recommend going with one full size freestanding model because they offer even baking across all four walls while still being portable enough if needed onsite at jobsites where space isn’t always available.

Conveyor Ovens are versatile and can produce dishes faster than other cooking methods. This is because they have moving parts which speed up their cooking time so it’s only necessary to preheat for about 10 minutes before starting!

Plus, since there are no rotating trays involved, there won’t be any crust rotation either – meaning that all pies will come out exactly the same.

The heat output isn’t as great as brick ovens or deck ovens, which means that it’ll take slightly longer to bake your pizzas than other types. Also, the top of your pizza will cook more slowly than the bottom or its edges so you’ll have to be careful to avoid burning it.

The easiest way to tell when your pie is ready is by using a laser gun. It sends out a targeted beam onto the crust which will emit steam once it hits! So whenever this steam begins to emit, you should take your pies off and you’ll get perfect results every single time 🍕

– Because there are moving parts involved in these ovens, they tend to break down after only 1 year of regular use – however it will depend on how often they’ve been used.

– They give really great crusts because there’s no rotation involved in these ovens.

– These are best if you have a small business and need to cook pizza fast but don’t want to sacrifice quality!

Additional Information:

  • Size: Medium, 100 cubic feet to 180 cubic feet
  • Power Sources: Gas, electric, conveyor belt system
  • Price: $30-$50,000
  • Cook time: 5-10 minutes preheat 10 minutes baking time per pie. Can hold up to 8 pizzas at a time.
  • Standard temperature range : 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Suitable to cook: Fresh or frozen flatbread and thin crust pizzas.
  • Best for: Casual-dining restaurants, fine-dining restaurants, traditional pizzerias. Businesses that need to cook a few pies at once easily and quickly!

5) Countertop Pizza Oven

These are perfect for people who want to bake, cook or heat up their pizzas fast! It won’t take long at all so you can have your food ready in no time.

A countertop pizza oven is the perfect way to make tasty food at home without taking up all of your precious cooking space. These smaller versions is a cheaper, more space-saving version of the full sized convection, conveyor and deck models but still produce enough pizzas per hour!

They’re great for small businesses that need something compact but still give the same quality as any traditional brick oven does.

Though they don’t use rotating parts, these pizza ovens come with a heating element which is able to maintain the even temperature inside while still delivering crispy crusts all around.

With a countertop pizza oven, you can enjoy fresh baked pies right at home. These outdoor kitchens are usually electric and should be close to an outlet so they have enough strength for cooking your favorite food item in just 15 minutes time!

The other benefit of this oven type is that it doesn’t require constant attention – it’s meant to be used alongside other kitchen equipment and not instead of them because it has limited uses.

– Great for baking, cooking or heating up pizzas.

– You can use it alongside other equipment, not instead of them!

– Keeps the cooking even and consistent.

Additional Information:

  • Size: Countertop, 30 cubic feet to 60 cubic feet
  • Power source: Gas or electric
  • Price range : $1,000 – $2,000
  • Cook time: 15-20 minutes preheat 8-10 minutes baking time per pie.
  • Cooking temperature range : 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Suitable to cook: Frozen flatbread and thin crust pizzas.
  • Best for: Casual dining restaurants, fine dining restaurants, traditional pizzerias. Small businesses who don’t need brick ovens but still want great quality!

Types Of Pizza Ovens Fuel-based

When it comes to pizza ovens, there are three main types of pizza ovens that you can choose from: gas powered, electric and wood-fired. Here’s what they are best for:

1) Gas powered ovens are great if you want maximum heat output because the flames themselves will help create ideal conditions for cooking pizzas

2) If you don’t want to worry about refilling propane tanks or using extension cords to operate your oven, go with an electric model instead

3) Wood fired pizza ovens also use flame but this time it’s created by a vigorous fire of wood logs rather than a machine

Each type has their own advantages depending on what you need. Make sure to take these factors into consideration when buying one for your home:

  • Capacity, can it hold enough pizzas at once?
  • Ease of use, is the oven easy to light and operate?
  • Safety and maintenance features, does the pizza maker have a detachable door or will you need to climb inside in order to check if your pizzas are done?

Unique Features That Are Available On Some Models

– Specialty cooking functions to cook other types of food.

Temperature controls so you can adjust the heat if it’s too hot or too cold.

– Additional cooking racks inside to hold multiple pizzas at one time.

– Oven doors that slide open instead of lifting up.

– Larger cooking boxes to accommodate more food at once.

– Heated hoods for a more casual dining experience.

– Oven lights to see when your food is done.

– Specialized shelves or wire racks that keep pizzas from sticking when cooking 🍕

– Electronic boards and knobs for easy use and control.

– Timers to make sure you don’t overcook your food.

How To Choose The Best Pizza Oven

Now that you know the most popular types of pizza ovens, so which one will be right for your kitchen? If you have not yet decided on the right oven for you, the information below will help you you make the right decisions.

For Your Business

When you’re choosing any oven for your restaurant, pizzeria or cafe, there are certain things to look out for to make sure it’s the perfect one.

Gas vs electric: Each option produces a different baking temperature so it’s important to decide which type of heat distribution will work best with what kind of food item you’ll be cooking most often

Conveyor belt vs deck ovens: Deck ovens allow you to cook more than one pizza at a time but conveyer belt ovens are more effective when it comes to maintaining an even cooking temperature

Opening style: Oven doors come in either slider or hinged models. Sliding doors are better because don’t get stuck or burn your hands but hinged doors are easier to transport pizzas through

Attached hood or stand alone: Hoods and cabinets aren’t just there for looks, they’re functional as well. When attached, the oven is heated by the hot air that comes from inside which prevents cold spots! A stand-alone model can be useful if you need separate cooking stations for different kinds of food.

Interior light: If you plan on using your pizza oven as a regular oven as well, it’s better to get one with an interior light so you can monitor your items easier without opening up the door too often.

Price: How much are you willing to spend on an oven? Last but not least, this is one of the most important factors. Countertop ovens can be as cheap as $100 – $200 while commercial conveyer belt models could cost upwards of $20,000! If you can’t afford it now, consider renting or leasing your equipment which is usually cheaper than buying.

For Your Family

Pizza ovens are essential items for any kitchen but you don’t have to go overboard by purchasing the most expensive model available! Make sure to focus on your needs and preferences instead of what someone else recommends or prefers.

That way, you’ll be able to choose the right equipment whether you’re a beginner at cooking pizzas or a professional looking for something sleek and compact.  

If you have a family or love to entertain your close friends, a countertop pizza oven is the best option for you. It’s cheaper than traditional brick ovens and allows you to cook multiple pizzas at once even if they’re frozen! Deck ovens that are built into other equipment may look nice but aren’t very versatile so they’ll just take up space.

– Oven light: If you plan on using your appliance to bake desserts as well, it’s a good idea to get one with an interior light so you can monitor how everything is going without opening up the door too often.

– Price: As mentioned earlier, this is what decides the type of pizza oven that’s right for you because there are many different budgets to choose from when it comes to this type of product.

– Size: The bigger the cooking box, the more pizzas you can cook at once and in less time! Extra features like oven racks or even a rotating cooking carriage will help ensure that food isn’t sticking to the surface while inside.

– Interior cooking rack: Perfect for when you need to transport multiple pizzas from countertop to table without making a mess! It also prevents food from sliding off during takeoff.

– Timer, cordless remote control and Bluetooth connectivity: All great options for convenience but not completely necessary unless your family members are very impatient 😉

– Attached hood: Hoods and cabinets aren’t just there for looks, they’re functional as well. When attached, the oven is heated by the hot air that comes from inside which prevents cold spots! A stand-alone model can be useful if you need separate cooking stations for different kinds of food.

Even if you don’t own a restaurant or plan on opening one anytime soon, investing in a countertop pizza oven will still give you great benefits such as helping you save money by not eating out or buying frozen pizzas every week and bringing your friends and family together with homemade pizza 🍕

How To Clean A Pizza Oven Properly

After cooking hundreds and hundreds of delicious pies in your pizza oven, there comes a time when it needs to be properly cleaned. It might seem like a daunting task but with these simple procedures, it’ll never feel like you’re scrubbing floors again!

Different types of pizza ovens will have slightly different cleaning methods, here is a basic cleaning oven guide that can be applied to all.

– When the oven is still hot after cooking, it’s best to scrub away any excess food items with a plastic scraper

– Remove the burner pan and heat deflector plates to clean underneath them

– Use oven cleaner or spray-on solutions for difficult stains or stuck-on food pieces

– Empty the grease trap every few days if you’re using one. If not, clean it whenever there is visible oil build up inside it

– Clean upholstery brushes are great for getting rid of leftover crumbs that hide in corners or hard to reach places

– Wipe down exterior surfaces with soapy water and let air dry for proper sanitation. Try not to use any harsh chemicals as they can damage the coating of your oven. Some companies offer specialized cleaning products you can use to pamper your oven.

– If you want to replace or repair parts of your pizza oven, contact a professional team like pizza-ovens.

The Benefits Of Owning Your Own Pizza Oven

  • No more waiting for takeout pizza to arrive at your door
  • Better value for money, spending less on ingredients and making more pizzas since you’re using a larger oven instead of countless disposable pans that end up in the garbage after a single use
  • Cooking with an open flame is much healthier than deep frying food because it locks in all the wonderful flavors and nutrients from seafood, meat and vegetables. It’s also a fun way to experiment with new recipes!
  • Enjoying delicious home cooked meals without any hassles like unappetizing leftovers or burnt food every time you try to eat healthy.

Pizza ovens can cost as little as $100 so you don’t already own one! There are many benefits of owning your own pizza oven. You can save money by cooking healthier food at home, there’s no more waiting for delivery or takeout and it’s fun to experiment with new recipes. Of course, there are lots of varieties when it comes to this type of product so make sure you get the one that’s right for you!

FAQs about Types Of Pizza Ovens

Are pizza ovens worth it? 

Yes. There is no better way to cook delicious, crispy pizzas than with pizza ovens because they evenly distribute heat while also creating great crusts on the surface of your pies. If you want perfectly cooked food (without having to rotate it around while baking), then these appliances are your best bet!

What’s the difference between a countertop pizza oven and a brick oven?

If you’re wondering if there is any difference in the design of these two types of pizza ovens, then you’ve come to the right place! A traditional brick oven uses bricks or rocks to evenly distribute heat throughout the entire cavity of the oven while also keeping it inside. Baking with convection heating will make sure your pizzas cook all around while rotating on special conveyor belts.

There’s a lot of space inside a traditional brick oven so it can accommodate multiple pizzas at once. A countertop pizza oven, on the other hand, is very small and compact because it doesn’t have as much space to work with. However, they still use convection heating to bake your dough quickly and efficiently! Countertop pizza ovens are also electric while brick ovens are gas-powered. These two types of pizza ovens might take up different amounts of kitchen space but both will provide great results!

What is the best pizza oven type?

There’s no such thing as a “best” option when it comes to these products because every single person has different tastes and preferences when it comes to cooking and baking! Some people might prefer the faster results of a countertop oven while others may want to host parties in their kitchens with more space. It all boils down to personal choice so focus on choosing the right equipment for you instead of what someone else prefers or recommends!

What type of oven is the most energy efficient?

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t make too much of an impact on your utility bill, then get a countertop oven. It will cost you less electricity because it only requires the same amount of power as a regular household toaster. However, if you want to bake many pizzas at once or host big parties in your kitchen with friends and family, then go for a brick oven! This type of oven can accommodate up to 16 large pizzas in one go so it’ll be perfect if you love cooking and baking in bulk.

How much does a pizza oven cost?

Pizza oven prices vary depending on the type of equipment you’re purchasing. If you want something compact, then opt for a countertop oven that is available for as little as $100! Brick ovens are usually more expensive because they have more features and cooking space so it’s best to spend around $500 if you want a quality appliance. Keep in mind that these figures may not include installation costs so make sure to thoroughly check any equipment before buying.

What makes a good pizza oven?

When you’re looking for the perfect type of oven to use in your kitchen, focus on the features that are important to you! For example, countertop appliances usually don’t require any installation so it’s much easier for beginners or people who aren’t familiar with installing large equipment. However, if you want extra cooking space and more functions, then go for a brick oven instead because these products have conveyor belts and rotating racks. Just remember that there’s no such thing as “the best” option when it comes to these types of pizza ovens- they all vary depending on what you need!

What is the difference between a pizza oven and a stovetop?

A stovetop can hold your pizzas but it won’t be able to heat them up evenly on all sides. You’ll notice that there’s usually an undercooked side so you’ll have to turn the crust around while baking. On the other hand, ovens use elements or gas burners to distribute heat throughout their interior so they create nice, crisp crusts in a short amount of time!

Where can you buy a pizza oven?

You have two options when it comes to purchasing brick ovens or countertop appliances. You can either check for deals online, especially on websites that sell different types of pizza ovens, home equipment, or visit your local appliance store! Keep in mind that you might have to pay installation costs if you don’t know how to install large appliances so make sure to save some extra cash before buying anything.

What can you cook in a brick oven?

Pizza is just one of the many things you can cook using a brick oven – don’t be limited by your imagination! You can also whip up some meatballs, calzones, and baked vegetables so choose what fits your tastes and preferences best. Just remember that these products have long cooking times so it’s best if you increase the temperature for any baking processes (usually around 400 degrees Fahrenheit) beforehand!

Why are pizza ovens so popular?

Pizza ovens are becoming more and more popular because they make it much easier to whip up restaurant-quality pizzas in your very own kitchen! If you’re hosting parties at home, these appliances are the perfect way to give everyone a good time without breaking the bank. They use gas or electricity but either option is cost-efficient since pizza ovens only require small amounts of power for proper cooking.

How hot should the oven be?

The heat usually varies depending on what you’re cooking but most brick ovens have preheating times that range from half an hour to an hour. You’ll need around 400 degrees Fahrenheit so check if this is feasible with your equipment or else you might have undercooked food or burnt crusts! Of course, different types of pizza ovens heat up differently so always check the manual before starting your cooking process!


If you enjoy making pizza at home, the choice of which types of pizza ovens to buy can be a difficult one. The pizza oven market has a wide variety of options, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. We recommend that you take some time to explore all of your options before making a decision so you can find the perfect fit. Is there anything else we haven’t covered in this post? 

You want an oven that will produce great pizzas for your family and friends but also fit in with the rest of your kitchen appliances. We hope this blog post has helped by pointing out some benefits and disadvantages associated with different types of pizza ovens as well as highlighting unique features available on certain models. Our goal is to make it easier for you to find an option that fits both your needs and budget so please contact us if we can help further!

We hope that the article has helped you understand how to choose a pizza oven based on your needs and preferences. If it hasn’t, we will be happy to help! Contact us today for more information about our products or services.

If you’re still not sure what type of oven best suits your needs in the list different types of pizza ovens above, we recommend checking out our website or getting in touch with us directly! You’ll find all kinds of useful information about selling and buying pizza ovens. We also offer great deals on refurbished models so keep an eye out for upcoming sales 🙂

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