15 Best Wooden Pizza Peel [Tested & Reviewed] 2023

The first part of achieving yummy and crisp pizza is transferring it successfully into the oven. To achieve this, I need a good wooden pizza peel to get the job done. In my quest for the best wooden pizza peel, I have used a lot of peels. I will recommend some pizza peels I have used in the past and answer the questions asked most about this utensil. So, what is a pizza peel?

What is a Pizza Peel?

15 Best Wooden Pizza Peel [Tested & Reviewed] 2023

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A pizza peel is a kitchen utensil that transfers uncooked pizza into the oven without spilling the ingredients. The peel prevents burns as pizza needs to be transferred to a preheated pizza stone. A peel can be wooden or metallic. A metal pizza peel is good, but I prefer a wooden one. Here are some wooden peels I would recommend as a pick for a good pizza peel.

Best Pizza Peels

1) Star Wooden Pizza Peel

Star is the best wood pizza peel in the market and is preferred by most pizza lovers, including myself. The pizza peel has sturdy and lightweight basswood with a tapered blade-like design to easily remove and put a pizza in the oven.

Starwood is perfect for baking bread, pizza, cupcakes, and more recipes, making it the most useful pizza peel I have ever gotten.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Blade like tip
  • Smooth and even texture


  • I can not use it as a cutting board.

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When I saw that the peel was made of bamboo, I had to get it. If well cared for, a bamboo pizza peel is better than a premium aluminum pizza peel. If you have ever noticed, the best kitchen utensils are made of bamboo, and the pizza peel is no exception.


  • Bamboo is durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy grip handle
  • Multipurpose
  • Use as a chopping block


  • The peel can not stay heated for long.

3) HomeFavor Natural Wood Pizza Peel

Finding the perfect pizza peels that simultaneously fit the hands and the bread or pizza is not easy. However, I found using Homefavor pizza peel easy to handle when baking.


The natural wood on the peel does not chip or warp easily, making the peel a durable option when choosing the right peel to use.


  • Best for professionals and novices
  • Multi-purpose
  • No warping
  • Quality wood
  • Easy to handle


  • Using a peel as a chopping board can make the dough stick to the peel.

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Frederica is one of the most satisfying peels I used. The shape makes it easy to use when placing or removing pizza from the baking stone. Wood pizza peels are not the easiest to handle, but Frederica is a game changer because of how easy it is to handle.


  • Bamboo is a durable material
  • Easy to handle
  • Wedged shape
  • Multipurpose
  • Non-toxic


  • Moisture tends to damage the peel.

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Of all the wood peels I have used, I tend to prefer the bamboo option, and Ooni is one of the most memorable ones I used. If you have an Ooni oven, the bamboo peel is a perfect fit. The peel is multipurpose and has a wedge which puts it in a similar league with the best peels in the market.


  • Easy to handle
  • Multipurpose
  • Affordable peel
  • Durable material
  • Lightweight


  • The square shape might not be ideal for large, round pizzas.

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We all know that the best pizzas are from Italy, and Napoli peels are the closest I can get to that level. The pizza peels are handcrafted from acacia wood and have just the perfect shape to get the pizza in and out of an oven.


  • Durable acacia wood pizza peel
  • Handcrafted
  • Wedged shape
  • Food grade material


  • Harder to use when removing pizza from the oven.

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The easy glide edges on this peel are one of my favorite features. The handle on the peel is sturdy, and the chances of dropping the pizza are greatly reduced. Unlike other peels, I can use Zulay to serve pizza, making it a convenient peel.


  • Use to serve
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Good handle


  • Serving using the peel would reduce its durability.

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Pizza Royale is a respected brand that I had to try out, and I was not disappointed. The pizza peel has a large surface that can handle a large pizza without the risk of dropping the toppings. In addition, the peel is lightweight and did not peel or split when I used it.


  • No warping
  • Easy grip handle
  • Lightweight
  • No cracking
  • Large


  • Harder to use when removing pizza from the oven

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GreenerHome pizza peel was my choice when looking for a large pizza peel. The peel has a surface that can make a large pizza for a small family.

GreenerHome is made of 100% wood and is treated with oil to prevent premature damage. This is a peel for professionals but is also good for use at home.


  • Easy-to-use shape
  • Professional grade
  • Durable material
  • 100% wood


  • You have to oil the wood often.

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Menesia is perhaps the most good-looking peel I used. I loved the attention to detail on the peel, and I would recommend it if you want to use a peel to serve pizza.

Menesia peel has a simple and nice shape that can hold the pizza comfortably without the risk of dropping it. Menesia is the peel my friends saw most because I liked showing it off. Other than that, the peel does get the job done.


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Easy to handle
  • High-quality wood
  • Multiple uses


  • Hard to maintain

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Baker's board pizza peel is an easy-to-use pizza peel and one of the most convenient wooden peels. The peel is lightweight and sturdy, with a large surface that can hold large pizzas.

Baker's board has a smooth beveled edge, making removing or placing the pizza in the oven easier.


  • Multipurpose
  • Large surface
  • Easy to use
  • Beveled edge
  • natural wood


  • The handle is not the most comfortable.

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WINCO is the simplest a pizza peel can be, and this is what I love most about the peel. The simplicity makes it easy to use and maintain. In addition, the peel has a long handle for use in larger and professional wooden ovens.

WINCO is an affordable peel that deserves to be in every kitchen.


  • Long handle
  • Easy to use
  • Professional grade
  • Simple design


  • The peel might be a bit cumbersome to store.

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Befano solves the problem that most pizza peels have. The handle on the peel folds to make it easier to keep, which is why I still have it. Besides the folding arm, Befano has the most practical shape on a pizza peel. Befano is made with the main purpose of achieving the most convenience possible.


  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable


  • The folding handle can make the peel a bit unstable.

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Silkceram is a round pizza peel, making it more natural to use with the pizza. The peel is made of acacia wood, making it one of my house's most durable wooden utensils. The peel has a handle that I use to hang the peel. This makes it easier for me to keep the peel dry.


  • Round peel
  • Easy to use
  • Handle for hanging
  • Acacia wood
  • Lightweight


  • Other uses can make the peel less ideal for handling the dough.

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TOSCANA has a beautiful wooden design with a nice finish. The handle is the most comfortable handle I have ever had on a peel. In addition, the peel is easy to clean, which is a feature I can not say about all peels.


  • Easy to handle
  • comfortable design
  • Large surface
  • Built to last


  • The peel faces stiffer competition than metal peels.

Pizza Peel Buying Guide

Pizza Peel Shape

Pizza peels come in different shapes. Some peels are square, while others are round or rectangular. The rectangular peel is more popular and is the one I prefer because it is easy to handle. The rectangular peel has a larger surface area to handle the pizza. The rectangular peel delivers the pizza into the oven more safely than other peels.

The round peel has a more convenient pizza delivery into the oven. This makes it easier for me to place the pizza into the oven from any side of the peel, unlike the rectangular peel, which is limited to a front delivery.

The round peel has a better, extended grip. I have the round and rectangle peels because they have strong sides.


The size of the peel will depend on what purpose you are using the peel for. For example, are you making pizzas professionally or just for the family? If you have a small oven, there is no need to get an oversized peel.

If you get a very small peel, you will drop the pizza before it gets into the oven. Similarly, placing and removing the pizza from the oven will be a hard task if you get an oversized peel.

Pizza Peel Material

I have different peels made of different materials because each material has advantages and disadvantages. There are wooden, steel, aluminum, and composite peel materials. Wood is the most commonly used peel material and is a classic choice compared to the other peels. However, wood peels are harder to handle and keep clean than other peels.

Metal pizza peels are sturdy and long-lasting compared to wooden pizza peels. You can get either steel or aluminum pizza peel. Metal peels are easier to clean and maintain.

Composite peels are wooden peels mixed with some resins. This allows the peels to be thinner than 100% wooden pizza peels. The downside of these peels is they tend to be heavier and cannot have longer handles.

I mix up how I use peels. Since it is easier to use the wooden pizza peels when placing the pizza in the oven and the metal pizza peel when removing the pizza, I switch the peels up appropriately.

Peel Handle Length

I choose my handles depending on how deep the oven is. When using the wood oven, I have to use a longer handle than when using an electric oven. Some peels have offset handles, making removing the pizza at sharper angles easier.

The primary role of the handle is to keep your hands safe from burns.


Premium peels are costlier and more durable compared to normal pizzas peels. However, if you have a budget and are limited to a price range, you can look at the features we have mentioned above to pick a good pizza peel.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Pizza Peel

a) Can I make pizza Without a Pizza Peel?

Yes. However, the pizza peel is mostly for convenience and neatness when preparing pizza. The primary purpose is to transfer the pizza dough without getting messed up.

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A pizza peel keeps you safe from injury or burns from the hot oven stone or burning wood. Furthermore, you will protect the baking tray from damage when transferring it into the oven.

b) How Thick Should a Pizza Peel Be?

A good pizza peel is between 1.5mm and 4mm thick. This ensures the peel is thick enough to make a successful transfer without the pizza falling on the ground due to weight.

A thin peel is easier to work with as long as it is sturdy enough. Wooden peels are only ideal in inserting the pizza into the oven. However, wooden peels tend to be too thick when removing the pizza than a thin, steel peel.

c) How Large Should a Pizza Peel be?

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A peel surface should be larger than the base of the pizza. This prevents the ingredients from falling when removing or placing the peel in the oven. It is better to get a larger peel if you are making large pizzas.

d) Are there Metallic Pizza Peels?

Metal pizza peels do exist and are the main wooden pizza peel rivals. However, you will mostly find metallic peels made of aluminum or steel. An aluminum pizza peel makes a light peel compared to other materials.

The advantage of a metal pizza peel is the perforations you can have, which makes transferring the dough much easier. In addition, the air traveling underneath the dough makes the transfer much easier.

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A perforated peel further allows any excess flour on the dough to fall off to avoid burning when cooking. As a result, the best pizza has an even crust that tastes good and looks good.

e) How do I Stop the Pizza from Sticking to the Pizza Peel?

Here are some ways I use to prevent the pizza dough from sticking to a surface.

i) Anti-Stick Powder

The most common way to stop the dough from sticking to any surface is to dust the surface with flour. Furthermore, an anti-stick powder is used to keep the pizza dough from sticking to the surface.

ii) Semolina

Semolina can work well to prevent the pizza from sticking to the surface. However, the substance can sometimes burn to cause a bland taste. If used, semolina also leads to a coarser surface on the pizza's crust.

iii) Using Metal Peels

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Another way of combating sticking dough is by using metal peels. These peels are less likely to have dough sticking on the surface. Wooden peels absorb moisture faster than metal peels, making the pizza dough more likely to stick to the surface.

iv) Using a Different Surface

Another way I prevent the dough from sticking to the peel is by preparing it on a different surface and then only transferring it to the peel once I am ready to take it into the oven. This reduces the time the dough has to sit on the peel.

Even if you have dusted the peel's surface, when dough sits on the surface for too long, the dust might start absorbing the moisture, causing the pizza dough to stick on the peel's surface.

v) Use a Dry Peel

A peel with moisture on its surface will make the raw pizza dough wet on the base, increasing the chances of the dough sticking to the surface. Therefore, the peel should be dry, especially if you are using a wooden peel.

vi) Toppings

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The toppings on the pizza should not be too heavy as this might cause sticking of the dough's base to the peel's surface, especially if you have a thin pizza base.

vii) Same Room Temperature

The peel needs to have the same temperature as the dough. You can let the dough sit for a while to gain room temperature if it is from the fridge. If the peel is metallic and cold, you can run it under warm water to raise its temperature to match that of the dough.

f) How do I prevent My Wooden Peel from Warping?

A warped wooden pizza peel is problematic to use. So I use three ways to prevent the wooden pizza peel from warping.

i) Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is a great remedy for preventing warping or cracking. Before using the peel for the first time, I apply the oil on the surface and let it sit until the peel dries up. Once the peel is dry, it is ready for use. I ensure I use the oil generously.

I apply the oil on the wood peel once every month.

ii) Avoid Heat

I use the peel to place the pizza dough inside the oven. However, I try not to expose the peel to too much heat. This will prevent the peel from warping.

iii) Use Vinegar to Wash

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I avoid using water on the peel as much as possible, which can cause warping. Instead, I use vinegar to wash the peel. Vinegar is a great disinfectant that will keep the peel ready for use next time.

How I add mineral oil or wash the peel depends on how much I use the peel.

g) Should I Sand the Wooden Peel?

Yes. Sanding the peel gives it a smoother surface to make releasing the peel easier than if the peel has a coarse surface. A peel that has a coarse surface will hold onto the dough as you are trying to release it.

I sand the peel on my own as long as I ensure it is clean after sanding.

h) How do I Maintain the Wooden Pizza Peel

The wooden pizza peel serves me well because I take my time to maintain it properly. These are some ways I use to keep the pizza peel in good shape.

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i) Avoid Water

As I mentioned above, I avoid exposing the peel to water as much as possible. This keeps the peel from warping. In addition, keeping the peel dry ensures the raw dough does not stick to the pizza peel.

Avoiding water reduces the chances of the peel catching mold if you live in a cold region. I use my peel regularly, so I must avoid water at all costs.

ii) Avoid using Peel as Chopping Board.

Using the wooden pizza peel as a cutting board is very tempting. Using the peel to cut ingredients will make the surface coarse, and this is what we want to avoid at all costs.

Using the peel as a cutting board may cause lines of weakness on the board, making it weaker over time.

iii) Keep Dry

I always keep the board on an open surface to keep it aerated and dry. I can not afford to have the board attract the smallest moisture.

iv) Strictly Transferring Pizza

My pizza peel is strictly for transferring the dough. I do not use the peel as a serving board. This prevents the moisture from the ingredients from getting absorbed by the pizza peel.

i) Why do Some Peels have a Longer Handle Length?

If you are sued to homemade pizza, pizza peels with a shorter handle length will be better. However, if you are operating on a commercial level, you need a longer wooden pizza peel handle length. This is to make your work easier and faster. Chances are high that commercial pizza is prepared in large wood pizza ovens.

Final Thoughts

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Pizza peels have a huge responsibility to ensure the baking process happens seamlessly. Therefore, if you want to end up with a presentable pizza, it is time to get the appropriate pizza peel like the ones we have highlighted above.

15 Best Wooden Pizza Peel [Tested & Reviewed] 2023