8 Best Pizza Places in Santa Fe, NM [Latest 2023 Updated]

Are you looking for the best pizza in Santa Fe? Then we have got you covered. This article provides you with the 8 best pizza places in Santa Fe to try out amazing options.

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1. Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza

 Price: $$(Menu)

Address: 321 W San Francisco St, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Phone: +1 505-986-8700

Rates: 4.4(1,197 reviews)

For our first pick, we chose Il Vicino Restaurant, a long-time favorite among residents of Santa Fe. The joint has convenient parking and serves some great wood-fired pizzas made using the best wood for the pizza oven, slightly different from other local pizzerias. In addition, the joint has a casual but stylish decor, and they even serve their very own beer, the world acclaimed Canteen.

You may also dine outside, which is helpful during pandemics. Additionally, you may have your food delivered if you'd like to remain in. Il Vicino pizza joint will even provide catering for gatherings; ask the crew for more information. Numerous traditional Italian toppings are available on the menu.

In addition to Pepperoni, handmade sausage and the best ham for pizza are added to the regular meat feast in the Molto Carne to boost the ante. Vegetarians have a decent selection of toppings like spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and kalamata olives.

You can always enjoy delicious pies, chicken pesto, and Caesar salads at this restaurant. Seize the opportunity to sample margaritas or pinot grigio and some delicious cannolis and tiramisu. Try some excellent lemonade or iced tea while you're here. Even though there are many excellent alternatives, we liked prosciutto with rucola.

2. Back Road Pizza

 Price: $$(Menu)

Address: 1807 2nd St #1, Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States

Phone: +15059559055

Rates: 4.4(790 reviews)

Backroad Pizza provides thin-crust pizza in the New York style with a Santa Fe touch. Naturally, their pies begin with a delectable crust, and the best components are then used to complete the dish in a delightful, cheesy package. The ingredients are always exactly right, the crust is always crunchy without overdone, and the cheese is always nicely melted. After dinner, you may pass the time on the pool tables upstairs.

The joint serves the best pizza in Santa Fe, each with a cornmeal-rolled crust for added crunch. Pies are available in sizes 6, 12, and 16, and a 12-inch gluten-free pie is also offered. In addition, many toppings are available for those who want to customize their dishes.

Remember to sample the wonderfully cooked cheese rolls, Mexican pizza, and Pepperoni at this pizza place. Then, enjoy some time with your friends while you enjoy delectable macarons, applewood-smoked bacon, cookies, and chocolate mousse. Good craft beer, wine, or margaritas are available at Back Road Pizza. In addition, the guests can choose from a variety of excellent lemonades.

3. Upper Crust Pizza

 Price: $$(Menu)

Address: 329 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501, United States

Phone: +15059820000

Rates: 4.2(1,041 reviews)

Given that it opened its doors in 1979 in a former jewelry store, Upper Crust has to be among the town's oldest pizza joints. They have a second site outside Eldorado and continue producing delectable pies at the Old Santa Fe Trail location.

Try the well-prepared Pepperoni, calzones, and vegetable pizza that Upper Crust Pizza offers. We recommend you try Asida, as it tastes delicious. Particular favorites are the whole-wheat crust and marinara sauce. Furthermore, there are several menu options for vegetarians and meat eaters. You may order calzones, salads, sandwiches, and sides in addition to the two kinds of pizza offered.

A wide variety of specialty pizzas, including the Grecian Gourmet pizza, Sunny Chicken Pesto, and Seafood Alfredo Pizza, are available at Upper Crust Pizza. In addition, the downtown Upper Crust offers delectable strawberry or turtle cheesecake if you have a sweet craving. You'll have many more options if you go to El Dorado, such as apple pie, brownies, chocolate cake, empanadas, and banana bread.

Delicious wine, draft beer, and margaritas are all available here. Evenings feature live performances by musicians. Here, the staff is said to be imaginative. This location's competent service is a significant plus. Prices are reasonable when viewed from the perspective of visitors. You'll enjoy this place's sleek furnishings and serene environment.

4. Andiamo!

Price: $$(Menu)

Address: 322 Garfield St, Santa Fe, NM 87501, United States

Phone: +15059959595

Rates: 4.3(443 reviews)

The 1995 founding of Andiamo was based on using regional foods whenever feasible. The dishes at Andiamo mix traditional favorites with fresh seasonal ingredients. The Italian and Mediterranean cuisines of Andiamo are popular among customers.

Traditional trattoria Andiamo offers a superb variety of appetizers, pasta meals, and desserts. Additionally, it's a terrific spot to obtain real Italian pizza. Delicious pasta bolognese, caesar salads, and duck leg are available here. Finally, you may get delicious chocolate cakes, tiramisu, and profiteroles at Andiamo!

This establishment's most popular cocktails are the delicious marsala, margaritas, or cordial. In addition, great chocolate frappes, bread drinks, and cappuccinos are famous for being served here.

All the items are high-quality and fresh, and the menu is updated daily. A nice spot to eat is the magnificent ancient villa. All you need for a vacation with your family is a comfortable location with lovely decor. However, you may also order meals for curbside pickup or delivery.

The quick service and the welcoming employees are two major advantages of this pizza place. You will pay typical pricing here. The ideal meal whets your hunger, doesn't fill you up too much, and makes you want more.

5. Lino Trattoria and Pizzeria

 Price: $$(Menu)

Address: 204 North Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Phone: +15059828474

Rates: 4.3(443 reviews)

The freshest ingredients are used in Lino Trattoria and Pizzeria, only a few streets from the Santa Fe Plaza. Lino's is open six days a week; however, Mondays are closed days. Unlike in pandemics, you can eat in or order food for curbside pickup or delivery. Pizzeria Da Lino features a touch of European setting yet authentically Santa Fe, with wonderful handcrafted beers brewed on-site by Chili Line, salads, and gelato.

Oven pizza and high-quality Italian wines are available at Pizzeria Da Lino. They sell pizza made in the best pellet pizza oven. Explore new flavors on the Italian food menu in the coziness of this pizza. After taking a piece of green chile pizza with nicely cooked sausage, you'll be impressed. Next, visit Lino Trattoria and Pizzeria to indulge in delectable cannoli, gelato, and tiramisu. Finally, it's good to indulge in excellent coffee.

There is a fantastic selection of pizza. The variety of choices, including the VIP - Vegan Impossible Pizza, will appeal to vegans. We also suggest the Frank Sinatra fettuccine with mushrooms, shallots, green peas, and a delectable rosemary cream sauce if you're in the mood for pasta. Although it's not the cheapest restaurant, the food here is quite good.

This location is excellent, making any transportation simple to use to get there. The kind personnel at this establishment demonstrates how much they respect their patrons. Excellent service is important to these restaurateurs. Customers also praise this pizza restaurant for its reasonable costs. Visitors may unwind in this space due to its excellent décor and welcoming ambiance.

6. Pizza Centro

 Price: $$(Menu)

Address: 418 Cerrillos Rd #10, Santa Fe, NM 87501, United States

Phone: +15059888825

Rates: 4.4(276 reviews)

The hand-tossed pies from the locally owned Pizza Centro are Santa Fe's greatest pizza. Pizza Centro is a New York-style pizza eatery in the area that makes its menu from scratch every day using handmade dough, homemade marinara sauce, and premium ingredients combined in unique ways. Italian food is available at Pizza Centro. You will appreciate precisely cooked Pepperoni, pizza salads, and pies, for a fact.

You may order pizza at Pizza Centro in either 12 or 16-inch sizes. Whether you choose from the menu or make your creation, there is a good selection of toppings. There are several options for meat eaters as well as vegans. Additionally, you may purchase slices of both regular and specialty pizza. A 12-inch gluten-free thick crust is also available.

However, people who cannot consume gluten might be annoyed at paying the same amount for their toppings as they would for a 16-inch pizza.

Sandwiches, a few sides, and a decent selection of salads are all available. Gelato is also available as a dessert option. Delicious gelato has a mouthwatering flavor. Your lunch will be much more delightful thanks to a fine wine or tasty beer, and you'll want to return. Trying excellent lemonade is enjoyable.

You may place a takeaway order at this restaurant. The excellent service at this location significantly contributes to the welcoming vibe there. People mention excellent service in their evaluations. You may get food at this pizzeria for reasonable costs. The environment is pleasant inside.

7. Bruno’s Pizzeria

 Price: $$(Menu)

Address: Railyard District, 1512 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501, United States

Phone: +15056900966

Rates: 4.6(59 reviews)

Bruno's pizzeria is a cherished Santa Fe landmark with a five-generation family heritage of baking pizza. You may go to this pizza if you're close to Santa Fe Railyard. Everyone who visits Bruno's pizzeria enjoys exquisite Italian food. It is an excellent choice if you're craving pie and something sweet.

Pizzas range from 8 to 20 inches and are sold as pies and slices. A pizza slider menu is available for those who want to try a variety of tastes. For example, you may get a 16-inch pizza with various toppings on each of the four corners. Additionally, you may do the same to order a flatbread pizza.

Bruno's is a cherished Santa Fe landmark with a five-generation family heritage of baking pizza. You may go to this pizza if you're close to Santa Fe Railyard. Everyone who visits Bruno's pizzeria enjoys exquisite Italian food. Bruno's pizzeria is excellent if you're craving pie and something sweet.

Pizzas range from 8 to 20 inches and are sold as pies and slices. A pizza slider menu is available for those who want to try a variety of tastes. For example, you may get a 16-inch pizza with various toppings on each of the four corners. Additionally, you may do the same to order a flatbread pizza.

8. Dion’s

 Price: $$(Menu)

Address: 2014 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505, United States

Phone: +15054247333

Rates: 4.2(1,115 reviews)

There are Dion's locations across New Mexico, as well as in Colorado and Texas. Additionally, clients give both Santa Fe sites high marks. Dion's offers delicious meals and a welcoming atmosphere where guests can unwind and spend time with friends and family.

They foster connection, simplicity, and relaxation despite the chaos of hectic life. They hold themselves to a standard of quality and sincerity as customers, staff, and community members all contribute to their success.

Both traditional and gourmet pizzas are available here, as well as the option to make your own pizza. The gourmet version has a thin, crispy crust, whereas the original has a somewhat deeper crust. The bread and sauce are produced on the premises every day, keeping everything nice and fresh. Along with pizzas, there are a variety of salads, sauces, sandwiches, sides, and desserts.

You'll enjoy its meals, especially the expertly prepared turkey, pizza salads, and sandwiches. The most popular beverage at this pizza is good lemonade. One of Dion's many benefits is food delivery. The kind crew makes this location excellent by working hard and always upbeat.

This restaurant is renowned for its quick service and reasonable prices. In addition, this location is renowned for having an amazing vibe.

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8 Best Pizza Places in Santa Fe, NM [Latest 2023 Updated]