What to Serve with Pizza – The Best Sides and Drinks

What to Serve with Pizza – The Best Sides and Drinks

Check out our list of the best side dishes and drinks to have with your next pizza night! Everything from salads to pasta to wine, we’ve got you covered.

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Appetizers to serve with pizza

Pizza is such a versatile dish that it can be enjoyed as a casual snack or as part of a more formal meal. While it is often served as a main course, there are plenty of delicious sides and drinks that can be enjoyed with pizza.

Appetizers such as garlic bread, bruschetta, or soup can be served before the pizza. For those who like to have something sweet with their savory, a fruit salad or Italian cookies make excellent dessert pizzas.

Wine is the classic drink to serve with pizza, but beer and soda are also popular choices. If you are serving pizza as part of a more casual meal, consider serving it with a variety of drinks so that everyone can find something to enjoy.

Salads to serve with pizza

Pizza is a classic dish that can be enjoyed on its own or with a variety of side dishes. While pizza is typically thought of as an Italian dish, it has become one of the most popular foods in the world and can be found in almost every culture.

When it comes to pairing pizza with sides, there are endless possibilities. From salads to pasta dishes, there are many options that can complement your pizza and make for a delicious meal. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of the best salads to serve with pizza.

– Caesar Salad: This salad is a classic option that goes well with almost any type of pizza. The combination of crisp lettuce, crunchy croutons, and rich Caesar dressing makes for a tasty side dish.
– Greek Salad: This salad is traditionally made with tomatoes, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, and red onions. The bold flavors of this salad go well with heartier pizzas like pepperoni or sausage.
– Arugula Salad: Arugula is a type of leafy green that has a slightly peppery flavor. When paired with shaved Parmesan cheese and a lemon vinaigrette, this salad makes for a refreshing side dish that goes well with margherita or veggie pizzas.
– Caprese Salad: This salad is made with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil leaves. The light flavors of this salad complement pizzas that are made with lighter sauces like pesto or marinara.
– Kale Salad: Kale is a nutrient-rich leafy green that has become popular in recent years. When combined with other vegetables like carrots and radishes, kale makes for a healthy and flavorful salad that pairs well with BBQ chicken or Margherita pizzas.

Soup to serve with pizza

soup might not be the first dish that comes to mind when you think of pizza, but it can actually be a great accompaniment. A light, broth-based soup can help to cut through the richness of a pizza, while a creamier soup can provide a contrast in texture. If you’re looking for something a little different to serve with your next Slice Of Pizza try one of these soups.

Tomato soup: This is a classic pairing for pizza because tomato soup goes so well with the tomato sauce on most pizzas. Try serving a simple tomato soup alongside your favorite slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza.

minestrone: This hearty vegetable soup is another great option for pairing with pizza. The vegetables in minestrone will help to refresh your palate after eating a few slices of pizza, and the broth is perfect for mopping up any leftover sauce.

roasted red pepper soup: Roasted red pepper soup is another excellent choice for pairing with pizza. The sweetness of the roasted peppers complements the flavors of most pizzas, and the creaminess of the soup helps to balance out the heaviness of the crust.

Main dishes to serve with pizza

Pizza is such a versatile dish that it can be enjoyed as a main course, or as a side dish. No matter how you choose to eat it, pizza is always a hit! Here are some ideas for main dishes to serve with pizza.

-Pepperoni pizza is a classic favorite and goes well with just about anything. Try serving it with a simple salad of greens and cherry tomatoes, or pair it with a heartier dish like lasagna.
-If you’re looking for something a little different, try topping your pizza with chicken or sausage. These toppings go well with roasted vegetables or a side of pasta.
-For a truly unique pizza experience, top your pie with fruit or sweet toppings. Pair these pizzas with a green salad or fruits and cheese platter.
-No matter what you choose to serve with your pizza, be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand!

Desserts to serve with pizza

While some people might think that pizza is best served on its own, there are actually a wide variety of desserts that can be enjoyed with this popular dish. If you are looking for something sweet to serve with your next pizza, consider one of these delicious options:

-Fruit salad
-Ice cream
-Pecan pie

Beverages to serve with pizza

Pizza is great on its own, but sometimes you want to round out the meal with something else. Here are some of the best beverages to pair with your next pizza night.

Beer: A classic choice, beer is the perfect partner for pizza. It has a natural affinity for cheese and a refreshing bitterness that cuts through the grease. Look for a lighter beer like a lager or pilsner so it doesn’t overwhelm the pizza.

Wine: If you’re looking for something a little fancier than beer, try pairing your pizza with wine. A dry red wine like Merlot or Chianti is a good choice, or you could go with a white wine like Pinot Grigio.

Soda: For a sweeter option, soda is always a good choice. Pizza and Coke is a classic combination, but you could also try root beer or even orange soda. Just make sure it’s not too sweet or it will overwhelm the flavors of the pizza.

Tea: Tea might not be the first thing you think of when pairing drinks with pizza, but it actually goes quite well together. The acidity of the tea cuts through the grease and richness of the cheese, making it a refreshing and unique choice.

Wine to serve with pizza

Wine is a classic drink to have with pizza, and there are a few types that go particularly well with this dish. If you’re looking for a red wine to have with pizza, try a Merlot or a Sangiovese. For a white wine, go with a Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc. If you want something sparkling, Prosecco is always a good choice.

Beer to serve with pizza

Wine is the classic partner for pizza but beer can be a great match, too. The key is to find a beer that can stand up to the bold flavors of pizza without overwhelming the delicate crust and toppings. India pale ales (IPAs) are a good choice because they have the hops to stand up to the richness of cheese and meat toppings, but they are not so bitter that they will clash with the tomato sauce For a lighter option, try a wheat beer or a fruit beer. And for a real treat, pair your pizza with a lambic, a spontaneously fermented beer from Belgium that has complex fruity flavors that go well with certain types of pizza, like those with fruit toppings or white sauces.

Non-alcoholic beverages to serve with pizza

When it comes to choosing non-alcoholic beverages to serve with pizza, you really can’t go wrong. Just about any type of soda, juice or milk will pair nicely with a slice (or two) of your favorite pie. However, if you’re looking for something a little bit more special, we suggest trying one of the following drinks.

Coffee – A classic cup of coffee is always a good idea when serving pizza. The bold flavors of the coffee will complement the toppings on your pizza perfectly.

Tea – Tea is another great option for pairing with pizza. If you’re serving a meat lovers pie, we suggest opting for a bolder black tea. However, if you’re serving a lighter vegetable pizza, a green or white tea would be a better choice.

Lemonade – If you’re looking for something refreshing to drink with your pizza, lemonade is always a good option. The sweetness of the lemonade will help to balance out the saltiness of the cheese and toppings on your pizza.

Milk – Milk is always a good choice when pairing beverages with pizza. The creaminess of the milk will help to offset the acidity of the tomato sauce and provide a smooth contrast to the melting cheese on your pizza.

Cocktails to serve with pizza

Pizza and cocktails are a match made in heaven. The acidity in the tomato sauce pairs perfectly with the botanical notes in gin, while the rich, cheesy toppings are the perfect foil for a tart, refreshing cocktail. Here are some of our favorite cocktails to serve with pizza.

Gin and Tonic
The classic gin and tonic is always a good choice with pizza. The botanical notes in gin pair perfectly with the acidity of the tomato sauce, while the tonic water cuts through the richness of the cheese.

A Negroni is a bit more complex than a gin and tonic, but it’s still a great choice for pizza. The combination of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth makes for a well-rounded cocktail that can stand up to any pizza topping

A Manhattan is a great choice if you’re looking for something a little sweeter to drink with your pizza. The combination of sweet vermouth and whiskey makes for a rich, savory cocktail that pairs well with cheese-heavy pizzas.