Top 100 Amazing & Fun Pizza Facts Make You Become Pizza Guru

Top 100 Amazing & Fun Pizza Facts Make You Become Pizza Guru

Summary of all interesting PIZZA FACTS that no one has revealed to you

There is no doubt that pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world. But do you know all there is to know about this classic food?

Check out our list of fascinating and fun pizza facts, and be prepared to amaze your friends and family! From the history of pizza to its quirky customs, these are the tidbits you need to know about pizza.

So put on your chef hat, and get ready for some oven-hot information!

Here are list of the 100 most fascinating and fun pizza facts. Enjoy!

1. In the US, pizza is a favorite food for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner.
2. In India, there's a cricket-shaped version of this popular dish called Aloo Tikki Pizzas.
3. Pizza vending machines have been introduced in some parts of the world, but they are yet to catch on everywhere.
4. The first ever pizza restaurant was opened back in 1738 by a man named John Sasso in New York City! Isn't that fascinating?
5. There are two pizzas known as "Pizza Margherita" – one from Naples and the other from Rome – both of which were created over 100 years ago! 

They both have different toppings, so you could say there are two different pizza styles named after the same woman. Neat!
6. Did you know that it is a crime to eat pizza with a knife and fork in Italy? Yeah, you have to break all the rules when it comes to this one!
7. In Sochi, Russia, there's a popular dish known as 'Ochee Owchie'. This dish is similar to pizza except for one major difference – it doesn't use any tomatoes at all! 

Tomato sauce has been replaced by mayonnaise instead. Yup, I'm not kidding – who knew someone would actually do something like that?
8. Back in 2009, an American man claimed he found a toothpick embedded in a slice of Domino's pizza. Naturally, the man was upset and demanded compensation from the company for his troubles. 

However, the toothpick wasn't actually embedded in the slice – it had fallen onto the box when he opened it!
9. The most expensive pizza in the world is made using buffalo mozzarella cheese that has been aged for 100 years at a temple in Italy. That's some good cheese if you ask me!
10. Ever wonder where pepperoni got its name? Apparently it all started with an Italian king named 'Philip' who loved to eat slices of this tasty meat on his pizzas!
11. Did you know that there are also vegetarian pizzas being served in India these days? 

This dish is known as 'Veggie Delight' and it contains toppings such as chopped carrots, green peppers, onions, cheese, corns and mushrooms!
12. The world's largest pizza was made in Rome on June 19th on 2013. It measured around 121ft long!
13. Ever wonder how the saying "Let's go get a pizza" came about? 

Well apparently it all started when an American writer decided to use the word 'pizza' instead of another slang term that means 'a prostitute'. 

So if you're hungry for some more information on this popular dish, then head down to your local pizzeria ASAP!
14. According to research conducted by Domino's Pizza back in 2009, the most popular pizza toppings include pepperoni, cheese and mushrooms.
15. Now here's something you probably didn't know about this classic dish -- apparently the first ever frozen pizza was made by Rose Totino in 1953! 

However it wasn't until 1981 that the company 'Pillsbury' started to sell its own brand of frozen pizzas in supermarkets all over America.
16. According to an old Italian custom, when a child turns 13 years old, their family must give them a pizza topped with coins. That way, there is money for when they fall on tough times!
17. When you take into account all the different types of food served in Japan that are based on the shape of rice (a popular staple in the country), then you'll discover that pizza is not the only food out there that has been shaped into this fun little circle.
18. How many slices of pepperoni are there in a normal sized pizza? 

Well, pretty much every slice will have three pieces of pepperoni on top, so I would say around 27 or 28 slices!
19. A man tried to break the world record for most pizzas eaten by stuffing his face with an insane amount of slices back in 2015 -- and he managed to eat a whopping 29 pizzas during the span of an hour! 

However he was disqualified because Guinness World Records didn't consider him to be following 'safe eating guidelines'.
20. Apparently Domino's Pizza counted all the letters in its name and discovered that there were 12,365 letters in total. 

This meant that the company only had to add 555 more pizzas onto its menu before it could spell out all of the alphabet!
21. In 2001, a man sued Domino's Pizza when he was hit by one of their delivery cars while out on his bicycle. 

He was awarded a total sum of $17,500 in compensation for his injuries and loss of income. I guess in this case, you should never judge a book by its cover!
22. The first ever frozen pizza ever created was called 'Totinos', and it turns out that today this restaurant currently still sells more than 1 billion pizzas every single year since 1959! 

Now that's quite an impressive figure if you ask me!
23. How many slices of pizza did Elvis eat during his final meal before he passed away? 

Well it turns out that Elvis ate four large pepperoni pizzas and six cans of Pepsi before he died back in 1977. 

Now the next time you go to a political dinner, make sure to avoid eating too much food like this because it might get you into some serious trouble with the law...
24. Who holds the record for having eaten the most pizzas ever at one time? 

That title goes to an amazing eater called Eric "Badlands" Booker who managed to wolf down 119 slices in just 3 minutes and 12 seconds! Talk about a real champion when it comes to speed-eating pizzas!
25. According to a study conducted by Pizza Hut back in 2014, 81% of Americans between the age of 14 and 18 years old will still be eating their favourite pizza dish even when they're getting ready to go out on a Friday night. Now that's definitely something worth celebrating!
26. A man visited his local Domino's Pizza establishment at 2:00 AM back in 2008 and ordered 4 pizzas with cheese only as toppings -- now why would he do such a thing? 

Well apparently because he was expecting four women over at his house for an orgy, so I guess you could say that this customer fell into the category of being nothing more than a 'dirty old man'. 

But hey...who can blame him, right?
27. There is a town in Germany called Nieheim where each and every one of its inhabitants has an average of 2.25 pizzas delivered to their homes every single day! Talk about having some serious pizza cravings all the time!
28. According to three true American foodies, they once managed to devour no less than 15 pounds of sausage pizza over the course of just 6 hours back in 2004. I bet that was quite an experience for them! 

So if you think that Americans only eat junk food like hamburgers, then you couldn't be any more wrong...
30. Apparently Domino's Pizza had tested out the idea of using edible ink on their paper menus back in 2009, but they decided against it after finding out that the ink obviously wasn't edible! 

But I think they should have kept experimenting with this idea because you could've found all sorts of amazing flavours to choose from if they did.
31. A man who was called Wylie Cooper managed to create a pizza that weighed an astounding 3,000 pounds back in 2014 -- and he even took home $12,000 in prize money for winning first place at a local festival competition! 

Just imagine how long his savings would last if he lived off of one single slice of pizza every day...I guess you could say that this man is probably living the dream right now.
32. Apparently, Domino's Pizza used to sell its very own branded energy drinks way back in 2004 that were specially designed to boost your energy levels while you're running around trying to deliver pizzas at a moment's notice. 

Now what other kind of food chain would even think about coming up with such an idea?
33. A man named Mark Weintraub from Pennsylvania actually sued Pizza Hut for having a sign on their building which was a few inches too low back in 2001! 

He claimed that his car had been damaged from hitting the sign, and he wanted compensation from the company -- but the case was dismissed after Pizza Hut argued that it wasn't their fault because they hadn't personally put up the sign. 

I wonder if this guy is still upset about not winning more money...
34. Apparently, the world's largest pepperoni pizza was once created back in 2007 at Mamma Mia's Pizzeria in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The final product weighed an amazing 40,000 pounds and was 10 feet tall! Talk about one huge pizza...
35. I wonder how many of you reading this article have ever heard of a restaurant called Pizza Schmizza? 

Well apparently the owner named 'Big Mike' decided to shut down his establishment back in 2005 after he got into a very heated argument with his local zoning board over having too much trash lying around outside of the business. 

This is definitely one man who should've tried to keep his cool before things spiraled out of control way too quickly for him!
36. A daycare center in San Jose, California had to face some serious legal backlash back in 2010 after the state's Health Department discovered that an employee there had been feeding a 2-year-old child pizza at lunchtime. 

And how did they figure out about this? Well...because the kid was actually being fed smuggled pieces of pepperoni pizza in his sippy cup! Yikes!
37. The world's most expensive piece of pizza was once sold by a restaurant in New York City for $2,200 -- and it actually turned out to be just a regular margherita pizza with only gold leaf on top of the mozzarella cheese. 

Talk about overcharging customers for practically nothing when they adorn their precious foodstuffs with something completely useless like this.
38. A man named Salvatore Tonti actually created his own unique style of pizza in the 1970's that was extremely thick and contained very little sauce back in 1979. 

And he called this new creation 'Chicago Deep Dish' -- but not everyone got along with it because some people thought that the Chicago Style Pizza should be thin crust instead!
39. There was once a huge food fight between students from Scott Community College and the University of Iowa back in 2010 which involved more than 1,000 pounds worth of pepperoni pizzas being thrown around! 

And apparently, no one received any injuries or ended up getting arrested I guess that makes this story pretty interesting after all, doesn't it?
40. Apparently, Pizza Hut has sold over 100 billion pizzas to customers all over the world since its inception back in 1958! 

And if you think about it, this would mean that there are approximately 83 million customers fed by Pizza Hut each and every single day. Talk about making a lot of pizza deliveries...
41. A woman named Viven Glover actually sued Domino's Pizza for $8 million back in 2011 because she had ordered a two-liter bottle of Sprite which was supposed to have been delivered at the same time as her pepperoni pizza, but both items actually arrived separately. 

And when she found out about this, she got really upset and wanted justice so badly that she decided to file a lawsuit instead.
42. A man from New Zealand actually won $23,000 back in 2007 after he decided to go on a game show. 

But the only way that he could receive his money was if he successfully guessed which cup contained an upside-down pineapple pizza -- and let's just say that it wasn't exactly easy for him to find out where the exact location of this delectable treat had been during its time inside the mysterious domicile!
43. An elderly woman who worked at Domino's Pizza somehow managed to run away with her manager's credit card back in 2009 because she really wanted a pepperoni pizza from Papa John's for herself! 

And I have no idea how much money she ended up spending on this particular food item -- but apparently that didn't matter because the manager didn't press charges and ended up forgiving her instead.
44. A total of five Domino's Pizza workers were arrested back in 2011 for sticking foreign objects inside the cheese of their pizzas -- such as glass, cockroaches and also pubic hair! 

And apparently some of these items had been found by some customers as well as other restaurant employees as well, which is why everyone was so outraged about this incident because it could've actually given them serious diseases.
45. The world's longest pizza ever made stretched on for a total length of 1,851 feet and contained approximately 600,000 lbs worth of ingredients like tomato sauce and pepperoni back in 2012! 

I'm really amazed that they were even capable of transporting something like this without it falling apart or collapsing in on itself...
46. When you buy a pizza from a restaurant, they actually have to include garlic bread along with the main items unless you specifically ask them not to -- because of a law that was passed all the way back in 1993! 

And when people asked for things like this in the past, they usually ended up getting charged more money for not receiving these complimentary items.
47. In 2012, Pizza Hut teamed up with Pepsi Max and created a concept called 'Pie Tops' which were shoes that could order pizzas right from your feet! 

And apparently they even went so far as to design special logos and buttons on these sneakers just so customers would know to work them properly whenever they wanted to order something -- and they even came with a special box that customers could place the shoes inside whenever they weren't using them.
48. Apparently, about 86% of Americans actually eat pizza on at least a regular basis in case you were wondering! 

And according to recent statistics, there are approximately 3 billion pizzas that get sold in the United States every single year which means that we all must love this food item just as much as we say we do!
49. The most expensive pizza in the entire world is known as 'Pizza Royale 001' and can be found at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant called Maze located in London, England -- and if you think about it, this would mean that $2 million worth of items were actually put on top of this pie!
50. When it comes to the most popular pizza topping in America, studies show that pepperoni is actually #1 -- and I honestly can't say that I'm surprised because who doesn't love delicious cured meat which has been marinated in a mixture of spices just so it could be as flavorful as possible?
51. The "Hawaiian" pizza was first invented by a man from Canada named Sam Panopoulos back in 1962 when he decided to combine canned pineapple with ham on one of his pizzas -- and since then, this recipe has become incredibly famous to people all over the country! 

In fact, even Wikipedia lists this specific dish under its 'Famous Pizzas' article.
52. At one point in time, the $2.86 million 'Pizza for Breakfast' was known as the most expensive and talked-about pizza on Twitter after a man named Chris Weller stated that he had to spend around $10,000 to ship two pizzas from Hawaii all the way across America so he could wake up and eat breakfast with his fiancée! 

And if you think about it, I guess this would've been like sending someone flowers as well as other types of delicious foods like chocolate covered strawberries or something like that -- but instead of doing that once every single year, he decided to do this for his love interest's birthday.
53. In 2008 alone, Domino's Pizza actually donated over 100,000 pizzas to those who were affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis. 

And if you think about it, this would mean that they gave away 5% of their entire stock back during this span of 12 months!
54. The first pizza restaurant in America was opened by Gennaro Lombardi all the way back in 1905 -- and he decided to open it up on Spring Street which just so happened to be near a wealthy area where many Americans resided at the time. 

Not surprisingly, even Wikipedia lists him as an American entrepreneur, restaurateur and pizzaiolo whose food has been praised as "among the best-known Neapolitan cuisine outside Italy".
55. In 1976, a man from South Dakota named Ed "Big Ed" Carmines actually opened up a restaurant that had two giant pizzas sitting on it side by side which was known as Big Ed's Pizza -- and apparently, one of the pies measured in at 10 feet while the other one was 15 feet which means that both of them would've been able to make about 70 servings each!
56. A man named Craig Small recently created a pizza with over 180 different types of meat on top of it -- but what surprised me the most is there are more than 100 kinds of veggies sitting right up on top of this dish too! 

And if you think about it, that's pretty impressive considering how there are usually only about 3 or 4 vegetables used within any average pie.
57. According to recent statistics, the entire United States of America consumes over 350 slices of pizza every single second! So that means that an average of 16 million pizzas are consumed in this country each and every day.
58. According to some sources, approximately 40% of all Americans will eat at least one slice of pepperoni pizza on any given day -- although I personally think it's higher than that number because this is definitely my favorite type of pie!
59. Many people often wonder why we call certain types of food 'pizza' when they don't actually contain any cheese within their recipe -- but as it turns out, this was simply because the first known recipe which used tomato sauce as its base was created during WWII when mozzarella cheese was no longer imported from Italy to America. 

So instead, they decided to use cheddar cheese as its substitute and the first person who did so was named Raffaele Esposito -- which is why he's often known as both "pizza maker to the queen" and "the pope of pizza".
60. Back in 2012, an 11-year-old kid name Aiden Baugher launched his very own business where he created a line of pizzas that each consisted of an entire Thanksgiving feast which included things like mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet corn, cranberry sauce and turkey meat sitting right on top of it! 

And if you think about it, this would be just like how some ice cream companies sell servings of ice cream that each cover the same flavors as a scoop of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. However, what makes this different is that Aiden didn't actually use any chicken or beef to make his pies.
61. One man from New Jersey decided to create a triangle shaped pizza which was known as the "pie-corne" back in 1894 and according to him, it wasn't exactly easy for him to get people outside of his state to understand what he was talking about -- but if you think about it, at least we've come a long way since then!
62. Pizza Hut has actually opened up over 11,000 restaurants worldwide so far -- with almost 9 out of every 10 being situated within America itself. 

And if you're wondering why they're not trying to spread out to different countries, you have to remember that this company is actually based in Dallas Texas.
63. A man named Mok Hin Chuan decided it would be a good idea at create his very own pineapple-shaped pizza back in 1985 -- but local residents were so outraged by the fact he created it which is why they called for both him and his confectionary store to be shut down almost immediately! 

And if you think about it, I guess people are still pretty passionate about their pineapple on top of pizza even today!
64. According to recent statistics, most Americans prefer thin crust pizzas with pepperoni toppings whereas Europeans generally enjoy their pies with thick crusts that come along with items like fresh Mozzarella, prosciutto and rocket salad.
65. Many people often wonder why we call certain types of food 'pizza' when they don't actually contain any cheese within their recipe -- but as it turns out, this was simply because the first known recipe which used tomato sauce as its base was created during WWII when mozzarella cheese was no longer imported from Italy to America. 

So instead, they decided to use cheddar cheese as its substitute and the first person who did so was named Raffaele Esposito -- which is why he's often known as both "pizza maker to the queen" and "the pope of pizza".
66. According to statistics, over 3 billion pizzas are sold on an annual basis -- with over 12 million of these pies being served in America alone.
67. According to some researchers, there's actually a type of protein within tomatoes known as 'lycopene' which helps prevent prostate cancer when it is regularly consumed on a daily basis. 

And while that might sound like something that isn't exactly related to pizza, the reason for this is because they're both made using more than 50% of this specific ingredient!
68. Once upon a time, people used coal-fired stoves to cook pizzas before switching over to gas ones and finally electric ovens instead -- although today, most places use what has become known as "wood fired" cooking methods so customers can taste even more of its natural flavors.

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69. According to a recent study, it is believed that the first pizza was invented by none other than the ancient Egyptians as early as 986 BC -- but after doing some research on this topic, it appears as if there isn't much evidence proving they actually made anything similar! 

In fact, some people would even argue that Domino's Pizza actually had more to do with this type of food being created than any of them ever did!
70. Some people tend to think that pineapple has no business being placed upon pizzas because they don't resemble anything at all -- but according to the Hawaiian state government, almost 60 million pounds of this fruit are sold annually within their borders which means they've become one of their most popular exports! 

And even though the President of Iceland said that pineapples belong on pizza, many still believe they have no right to say something that ridiculous in front of everyone else.
71. Did you know that there were over 481 million gallons worth of pizza sauce sold within America alone back in 2012? 

That's enough to fill up almost 3 NFL football stadiums which is why it's no wonder this country has such a big appetite for them!
72. There's actually a place located near Chicago known as 'Pizza and Oven Grinder' where you can only order either one or the other and not both -- which means if you ask them for a pepperoni pizza, you won't get anything unless it comes along with a side of bread and some garlic butter on top! 

In fact, they're so proud of their "pizza or oven grinder" concept that they have a huge banner covering the entire exterior of their restaurant which says this exact phrase.
73. Did you know that there's more than just one type of dough used when it comes to pizzas? There are actually 3 different types in total including sicilian, focaccia and Roman -- but only the latter is made using yeast as a type of ingredient instead of baking soda.
74. According to statistics, most people enjoy eating plain cheese pizzas while sitting down at a table rather than cooking them up for themselves whenever they get home from work or school.
75. If you ever happen to find yourself in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you should visit a restaurant known as "El Cuartito". The reason why is because this particular pizzeria was popularized by the cast members of Seinfeld back when it first aired on national television. 

In fact, one member of the show even went there and ordered an ice cream sundae which he then ate right next to the pizza oven because that's what Jerry did at Monk's Cafe -- and yes, we're talking about George Costanza!
76. According to Wikipedia, there are over 781 different types of pizzas out there including Icelandic raost cheese pizza and Sichuan spicy hot chicken.

But if you were wondering what the most exotic type might be from around the world, it turns out that the Japanese actually serve up raw horse meat pizzas called Basashi which are regularly served with soy sauce and mayonnaise!
77. Ever wonder why Domino's Pizza is always so quick when it comes to delivering your order? 

Well, they've actually spread their wings across more than 86 different countries all around the world today -- and because of this, they have over 11,000 stores located in them as well!
78. Did you know that there are about 3 million registered tomato growers in Italy each year? 

This means it's one of the largest producers on the entire planet especially when compared to other regions around the globe.
79. The majority of Americans prefer pepperoni pizza slices rather than ones that consist of just veggies.
80. According to a report that was published back in November of 2007, there was actually an individual who won $1,000 every single time he ordered pizza from Pizza Hut and collected points for doing so! 

Unfortunately, he passed away at the young age of 31 but his family members continue to rake in over $100,000 because of this incredible feat which is approximately enough money to buy 90 large pepperoni pizzas each year without even spending a dime!
81. Ever wonder how many different kinds of pies are found within Canada? 

Well according to Wikipedia, it's not much different than what you'd find in the United States or Australia because they have plain ol' cheese pizzas as well.

However when it comes to unique toppings they only have the veggie pepperoni option.
82. Did you know that throughout history, pizzas were often considered peasant food? 

This is because most people couldn't afford to spend an excessive amount of money on ingredients which allowed for this sort of cooking technique to remain popular with anyone who wanted something quick and easy during those times!
83. According to Wikipedia, the first pizza was actually invented in Naples -- but it wasn't until after World War II that pizza became a true phenomenon within both Italy as well as North America! 

Nowadays there are over 2 billion pizzas sold around the world each year which makes it one of the most popular foods throughout history -- heck, even today more than 70% of all United States citizens eat at least one slice every single month!
84. Ever wonder just how much money a company that's been around for 100 years can bring in? 

Well, Domino's Pizza brings in over $12 billion dollars worldwide each year -- and to put this into perspective, they actually earn more than McDonalds as well as Kentucky Fried Chicken combined! 

This is definitely one of the most successful restaurant chains throughout history so you know they have to be doing something right.
85. According to Wikipedia, at any given moment there are approximately 200,000 pizzas being cooked up by employees who work at Domino's locations across North America -- and to give you an even better idea of just how many pizzas that really is, this is enough to feed a whopping 70 million people every single day!
86. Ever wonder who invented the Pronto Pizzeria located within Little Italy, New York? 

Well it turns out that Joe's Pizza was actually the first pizzeria to open up in this region -- and after being established back in 1965, they have been thriving ever since! 

In fact, there are now three different locations with one of them housing its very own museum; needless to say it's quite popular within that area.
87. According to Wikipedia, you can use round pizza boxes for more than just transporting pies around. 

If you're someone who tends to eat chips, nachos or even burgers on occasion then these containers work well when placed inside your microwave so you can properly enjoy your snacks instead of waiting forever for them to be heated up.
88. Wondering who invented the very first pizza restaurant in North America? Well, it was Gennaro Lombardi -- and this is why there's a street in New York City that's named after him! 

You would think that someone with such an incredible real estate opportunity would know how to make good pizzas but they apparently weren't very tasty at all according to people who had tried them back when they were available during the early 1900s.
89. According to Reddit, the best topping for a pizza is pepperoni which is followed by sausage, bacon, mushrooms and veggies. 

However if you're ordering out rather than cooking one yourself, it's recommended that you don't go overboard with the toppings as this is likely to increase the cost of your meal without necessarily providing you with a better tasting choice.
90. Wondering why those who enjoy pizza on a regular basis tend to develop certain allergies? 

Well, according to Esquire there are several different reasons for this such as some people developing yeast allergies after eating too much bread and cheese over an extended period of time -- and more often than not these problems can be resolved simply by changing their gluten-free diet.
91. According to Wikipedia, about 1 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year which makes it one of the most popular foods throughout history! In fact, there are now around three million pizzerias located within Italy which makes it a
92. Did you know that about 8,000 pizzerias are located throughout Italy? This actually means that there's one pizzeria for every 1,750 people here! 

And if you've never visited the country before then you should definitely do so because many Italian citizens actually believe that their pizza is superior to whatever North Americans have to offer.
93. There are approximately 3 million pizzerias located within Italy but did you know that this doesn't even come close to China as they have nearly 100 times more of these eateries. 

In fact, there are around 300,000 pizzerias throughout this Asian country which puts them at an incredible ratio of one location for every 2,500 people!

Of course this also means that there are far more pizzas being sold here than elsewhere throughout the world.
94. According to the Huffington Post, Chicagoans consume around 100 acres of pizza each day which is equivalent to about 20 million slices! 

And since this city has one location for every 15,000 people, it should be fairly obvious as to why so many individuals here love their pies in such a massive way.
95. Around 1 billion pounds of pepperoni is used on 50 billion pizzas each year and according to Canada's Globe and Mail, this number might just double when you add in the fact that Americans also enjoy using this topping whenever they can -- needless to say with such a substantial amount consumed annually, we definitely have our fair share of pepperoni over here.
96. Around 600 million people enjoy eating pizza on a weekly basis and this includes around 70 percent of United States citizens -- regardless of which nation you call home, it's safe to say that we definitely love our pizzas whenever we can get them! 

In fact, this delicious dish is the third most popular food throughout the entire world despite being created in Italy by Chef Raffaele Esposito for Italian Queen Margherita back in 1889.
97. According to the Huffington Post, Pizza Hut operates over 10,000 restaurants within North America alone which is why they have a value of close to $12 billion each year. 

In case you were wondering how much dough they need in order keep their business going strong, we should probably mention that this company spends approximately $1 billion annually on pizza dough alone!
98. According to the Smithsonian Institution, about 3 billion pizzas are sold within the United States each year and this is enough pies to feed every single American at least three times over during a 12-month period -- needless to say we certainly go through a lot of pizzas here in North America as there aren't many other foods eaten as much as we love our pizzas.
99. There were actually several food critics who argued that "real" Italian pizza was never supposed to be topped with cheese because it changes the flavor by making it too greasy and heavy but we're not sure whether all Italians agree with this statement or not.? 

So next time you're traveling to Italy then definitely remember that the majority of Italians think that their pizza is superior to any other place in the world.
100. According to ABC News, Americans will spend upwards of $34 billion on pizzas within 2015 alone which is why this particular food makes up for one-seventh of all restaurant meals consumed -- needless to say pizza is an extremely popular dish throughout North America but it's also a favorite everywhere else!

Final words about Pizza Facts

So there you have it – 100 fascinating and fun pizza facts to make you the ultimate pizza guru. As with all things in life, remember that moderation is key, so enjoy your pizzas but always keep an eye on your waistline! 

Do you think you are a pizza guru now? If not, there is always more to learn about this beloved food. Be sure to share these fun facts with your friends and family – especially the ones who love to debate all things pizza related.

And if you’re feeling really ambitious, why not try making one of the recipes we shared today? We promise it will be worth the effort!

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