A Guide on How to Eat Pizza As the Locals Eat It

Besides pizza being one of the world's most well-known and popular foods, it's versatile. It allows for various combinations of ingredients on a platter; what better way to express oneself if not through food? Furthermore, it can be eaten alone or with other food, with or without cutlery. However, unlike burgers or fried chicken, people have extremely strong opinions about the appropriate way to eat pizza. So how do you eat your slice of pizza? Here is how to eat pizza in the right way. Read on!

Tips on How to Eat Pizza Correctly

Though it depends on personal preference, here are tips on how to eat pizza.

1. Straight Forward Method

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The most common method of eating pizza is from the tip to the crust. It is also the standard method of eating pizza, from the narrow side to the broader pattern, transcending from a cheesy taste to a crispy bite.

2. Use a Knife, and Fork

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Some people have reacted negatively to this eating style, citing reasons why pizza shouldn't be eaten with cutlery. However, consider the benefits of eating with cutlery, such as fewer spills and messiness on the body, as well as the classy look.

3. Double Up

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Instead of stuffing that triangular pizza into your mouth, double it. Some people argue that this is the ideal way to eat any pizza. You can double up with both topping faces together or with one facing up. This eating style gives you the taste of the crust, sauce, and toppings. It is ideal for all types of pizza crust and is especially good for pizza slides with extra toppings.

4. Pizzarito

Pizzaritos are pizza versions of chipotle burritos. Hold your pizza and fold it into a burrito shape. The steaming will melt together if the pizza is hot, leaving a harmonious burst of flavors. This pizzarito eating style is ideal for thin and flexible pizza slices as thick slices will break off before completing a roll.

5. Separating Toppings from Crust

This is common among kids, who often see their foods as Legos; some adults also engage in this eating style. This is when the nicely organized toppings are removed from the crust and eaten separately. Though it's a little messy, it allows you to taste different pizza sections.

6. Crust First Method

This eating style is regarded as creative because it defies the traditional tip-to-crust eating method. Instead, you eat the crust before the end, implying a reversal process from the wider crust to the narrow tip.

7. New York Eating Style

There has always been a debate among New Yorkers over how to eat their pizza. Do you fold it or eat it directly? Most say folding it at the center is the best way to eat pizza. The New York eating style is one of the popular ways you should try the next time you order a pizza.

8. Inside-Out Folding Style (Reverse Folding)

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Instead of folding the pizza with the toppings facing each other, you fold the pizza with the crusts facing each other for the inside-out folding style. Though not sure why some people prefer this eating method, most of them claim they like the flavor of all the toppings hitting their tongue first instead of the crusts.

9. Corner to Crust Fold

This involves taking notes from the triangular pizza slides' corners and eating up to the tip. Personally, this is the most irritating eating method.

10. Follow the Host’s Lead

We recommend following the host's lead if you need help eating your slice of pizza correctly. When the pizza arrives at the table, allow the host to take their piece, giving you time to observe what they do. Try not to stare at them as they eat; this isn't polite. Rather, focus on getting your slice of pizza onto your plate before looking at them to see how they are eating it.

Etiquette Guidelines to Eat Pizza

1. When Should You Eat?

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Generally, pizza is best served on casual occasions. It is usually served as the main course during lunch or dinner. A meal with pizza can have an appetizer and a dessert. Otherwise, don't order pasta or grains if you're having pizza.

2. Accompaniments for Pizza

Usually, eat the pizza as it is. The only most used condiments are olive oil and dried chile pepper. You shouldn't season with salt or spices. Besides, you should not eat pizza with bread or other grains.

3. What to Serve with Pizza

The toppings usually depend on personal preference. The most common are mozzarella, basil, and tomato sauce. For meat topping, it can be cured meat, Salame, Ham, Prosciutto, and sausage. So, for an Italian pizza, avoid beef, poultry, or eggs.

4. Which Cutlery to Use

Eat your pizza with a fork and a knife. Cut the pizza into slices. Then, hold the slices by the crust and fold them in half.

5. How to Eat Pizza

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Italy or Italian restaurants usually offer a full pizza. The diameter of an individual pizza is 33 cm (13 inches). The most appropriate way to eat pizza is to cut it into bite-sized pieces using a fork and knife. Then, one by one, bring them to your mouth. It is advisable not to cut the pizza into large slices ahead of time.

Pizza Combinations to Try Out!

1. Pizza Sandwich

Instead of bread as the dual covering for your sandwich? Try out pizza. Though it might sound like a weird combination, try it and attest to the amazing flavor. If you don't want to eat your pizza this way, you can slice it into sandwich shapes, clasp them together, then try it that way.

2. Pizza Fries

Pizza fries are a new idea to implement into your regular pizza-eating routine. However, keep in mind that perfecting this recipe takes a lot of experience, so the next time you go to your favorite restaurant, order some pizza fries or prepare some at home.

3. Pizza Soup

Use a combination of broth and tomato sauce with cheese bread rather than cooking pizza slides in water. You can try this recipe at home since it's unlikely to be served at most restaurants.

4. Pizza Fruit Toppings

This pizza fruit does not contain any pizza. Instead, you cut fruit shapes into pizza shapes and stack them with other fruits as toppings. This is known as the vegetarian or weight loss pizza since it has no pizza, fat, or hot cheese.

Tips on How to Eat Pizza Like Italians

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1. Request the whole pizza, not a slice. Unless sold on the "al taglio" (by weight in rectangular or square slices), it is usually round and served on a plate in Italy.

2. Cut the pizza yourself, then eat it with a knife and fork or fold each pizza slice and eat it with your hands. Remember that your pizza will be quite hot, so folding and eating it with your hands might be dicey.

3. Do not request dipping sauce. Instead, enjoy the sensation of authentic Italian pizza.

4. Expect no unusual toppings on your pizza; for starters, no pineapple, ketchup, chicken, or grated Parmesan. Instead, stick to the ingredients on the menu if you want to experience traditional Italian pizza. The Italians take their pizza very seriously!

5. Wine and cappuccino are served with something other than pizza. Sparkling water or beer are the preferred options.

6. Turning on the oven hours before baking is the key to delicious pizza. That's why most restaurants don't serve pizza until later.

7. Before ordering a pizza, most Italians order a few snacks, most of which are fried.

8. Your leftover pizza is usually left at the restaurant rather than carried home. Doggy bags are uncommon in Italy, and you will most likely finish it anyway.

How Do You Fold Your Slice of Pizza?

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1. The Wide Open Plan

Some slices of pizza have a crust that is hard enough to hold the weight of the cheese and sauce on top, so the slice does not require the help of a fold or crimp. On the other hand, the wide-open plan does not work well with slices with a lot of toppings or slices with a more delicate foundation.

2. The Crust Taco

This is one of the most common pizza folding designs. You fold the sauce and cheese strip toward the crust until they meet, combining the crust and the pizza into one magnificent, collaborative experience.

3. The Flop

If you hold your slice of pizza without bending the crust, the tip will droop. In this case, you can hold the slice of pizza higher than your face and allow it to fall into your mouth like a cascade of pizza.

4. The Pizza Wallet (Neapolitan Fold)

To make a sealed pouch, fold the tip of the slice back into the center and press the sides together. This folding method is ideal for a super floppy slice, and less recommended for typical Italian-American slices since the crust is less pliable.

5. The Crimp

A slight bend in the crust caused by pressure from your pointer finger (above the crust) and your thumb and middle finger (below the crust) gives a partial bend in the pizza crust, creating a structural triangle.

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The structural triangle shape provides your slice more support and prevents flopping and grease dripping. In addition, it lets you keep eye contact with your toppings while plotting your path. Though the crimp is unnecessary, it will undoubtedly improve your slice experience.

6. The Pizza Spliff

Roll the slice of pizza from crust to point to create a pizza-taquito-joint type of thing. This is a unique pizza folding technic.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Eat Pizza

1. How Many People Eat Pizza a Fork?

While 28% eat pizza the traditional no-frills way, 18% eat the crust first, 17% fold it in half, 14% sandwich two slices together, and 8% use a knife and fork before eating a slice.

2. Is it Weird to Eat the Pizza Crust First?

The logical order is to begin at the tip, then to the crust; however, some prefer flipping the order and beginning at the crust. It may appear weird, but it's a valid method to eat a pizza.

3. How to Eat Pizza Without Cutting it?

After the pizza has cooled and just a small portion of your slice remains, you can pick it up and eat it. The slice does not need to be folded. A folded pizza is called calzone and should be eaten with a knife and fork.

4. Which Country Consumes the Most Pizza?

In Italy, roughly 1 million pizzas are eaten each day. As a result, pizza is popular among residents and visitors looking to sample authentic Italian food. The country has over 63,000 pizzerias. These pizzerias make an average of 80 pizzas each day, seven days a week.

5. What Does the Way You Eat Your Pizza Reveal About You?

People who fold their pizza slices are referred to be "drivers." They are multitaskers; they want to eat their pizza fast while doing something else. People who start with the crust are described as "influencers" who are impulsive and like to stand out.

6. What is the Etiquette Way to Eat Pizza?

Pizza is a casual cuisine, so picking up a piece is all right. However, the best way to eat pizza is to fold it in half loosely to keep the sides from leaking. You can use a fork and knife if you prefer; they come in handy while eating a gooey deep-dish pie.

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A Guide on How to Eat Pizza As the Locals Eat It