How Many People Does A Large Pizza Feed? (Calculator Guide)

How Many People Does A Large Pizza Feed? (Calculator Guide)
How Many People Does A Large Pizza Feed

How Many People Does A Large Pizza Feed? (Your Exact Answer)

A pizza is a classic food that everyone seems to love. But how much pizza do you really need to feed a crowd?

In this blog post, we will find out the exact answer for “How Many People Does A Large Pizza Feed?”.

Quick answer: the average person eats three slices of pizza, but an extra-large size can feed up to five people. A large pie usually contains eight servings and would be enough for two adults or four children if they were not too hungry!

We’ll show you how to calculate the number of people a large pizza can feed. We’ll also provide a handy calculator guide so you can easily figure it out yourself!

So whether you’re planning on feeding a hungry group or just want to know how much pizza you can eat in one sitting, read on for all the info.

Define the size of the pizza you are having

The size of the pizza will greatly affect how many people you can feed. For example, if you are planning on buying a small personal sized pizza then that would only be enough for one person.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to make a large 14 inch deep-dish pizza, consider splitting it with someone because this is about enough to feed two hungry people.

How much does each person need?

When feeding a crowd there are lots of variables to take into consideration. Some customers have big appetites while others might not eat as much.

Other factors like age and gender come into play but on average men tend to eat more than women do .

This means that depending on whether or not your audience is mostly men or women, will affect how much they can eat.

Calculate how many people can eat a whole pizza (if it’s cut into 12 slices)

The best way to figure out these variables is to determine exactly what you’ll be serving and then ask yourself who will you be feeding? How hungry are they? Will it be a family dinner or a large office party?

All of these factors play a role in how many pizzas you should buy. It’s always better to overestimate rather than underestimate because leftover pizza is great for breakfast the next morning!

Calculation formula: length x width x height / 4

If you’re planning on purchasing standard 14 inch and 18 inch deep dish pizzas at your local pizza joint, there’s an easy calculation formula that we like to use.

The people that came up with this equation recommend you divide the total length, width and height of the pizza by 4 to get how many people it can feed.

Here’s an example:

  • PIZZA LENGTH = 14 inches
  • PIZZA WIDTH = 18 inches

If you’re planning on serving a large 28 inch deep dish then just double all of these numbers instead. Here’s an example for this type of pizza:

  • PIZZA LENGTH = 28 inches
  • PIZZA WIDTH = 36 inches

You would then take all three numbers and multiple them by 2 which would look like this: 14 x 2 = 28, 18 x 2= 36, etc…

This will give you a rough estimate of how many people a standard sized pizza feeds. If you have any questions or concerns about this calculation, feel free to write them in the comment section below.

Don’t have a ruler? Use our 14 inch and 18 inch pizza size chart instead!

If you’re not a math person then there’s definitely an easier way to do all of this! All you need to do is go onto the homepage of our website and find our pizza size guide that includes a picture of every common type of pizza .

In the top right corner of each image, you’ll see written recommendations on how many people it can feed.

These numbers were calculated by using the same formula stated above so they should be fairly accurate.

Here’s an example if you want something simple: 

Mellow Mushroom 14 Inch Pizza . You can also check out our full list of food pictures to get an idea for what other types of pizzas look like.

If you’re planning on ordering from a local pizzeria , just ask them how many people their pizza feeds before placing your order so you’ll have each correct number in mind.

Easier, faster and 100% free!

Estimate how much leftover pizza there will be for leftovers or to freeze for later use.

The first step is to choose the size of your pizza.

The size options vary depending on location and restaurant, but for this calculator we’ll stick with a standard personal sized (11 inch) large (14 inch) and family (18 inch.)

*As a side note: Most pizzerias offer both 11″ and 14″ as personal sizes, as well as 15″-16″ at dine-in restaurants.*

Next you need to decide if you want each person to have 2 slices or 3 slices. We’re going with 1 slice per person for this article.

After that simply plug in the number of people and check the results!

(see instructions below)

*NOTE: This tool can be used for other cuisines aside from pizza. This tool is simply a way to estimate leftovers and portions.*

*UPDATE: Many people have been asking how to change the number of slices per person. In order to get an accurate answer please use this link .

The calculator on that page will allow you to choose the amount of slices from 1-10. It can even be adjusted for odd numbers if necessary.*

You’re going to love leftover pizza!

Things to consider when find out how many people does a large pizza feed

When you are hosting a large pizza party, you will want to make sure that everyone gets their fair share of the pizza.

But how many people does a large pizza feed? Here are some tips on how to estimate the number of slices a large pizza will serve.

1) It depends on how hungry people are. (Eating pizza can be quite an experience by itself, like eating fries or whatnot). So not everyone eats the same amount of pizza, even when they’re both full after eating it.

2) If you bought a large pizza for yourself and ate all of it in one setting (which is unhealthy because there will be no leftovers for you to take home later), then the answer would obviously be 1.

But if you shared with other people, then the answer would certainly not include just yourself but also your friends/family who you share it with at that time.

3) A person’s stomach size varies from person to person . people have bigger stomach than others. And also, body size varies from person to person.

4) A pizza’s diameter is about 30 centimeters long . According to this, a pizza slice is about 0.3 meters long.

If you divided this number with the total number of slices in a regular pizza (which will usually be around 8), then you will get a pretty accurate estimate on how many people does a large pizza feed.

5) When eating something like pizza, it doesn’t matter whether it’s thin crust or not because what’s important is its surface area which can be easily calculated by multiplying its radius with pi/2 ( 1/2*3.141=1.57 ).

6). You should consider adding some more factors like how much their intestines can expand.

Remember, the number of slices a large pizza feed is relative to how hungry people are, how big their stomachs are, and how big their body size is.

Generally speaking though, if you bought a regular medium-sized pizza which has 8 slices, then it will usually feed about 3-5 people . If you bought a large one for about 11-16 pieces, then it’ll probably feed about 6-10 people .

But if you’re wondering specifically “how many people does a large pizza feed”, then it’s probably not enough if there are more than 20+ individuals in your party. So I suggest buying two or maybe even three medium sized pizzas instead… But sometimes this might be too much 😛

How hungry people are

Usually a large pizza can feed about 3-4 people, depending of course on how hungry the guests are.

There is no point in having leftover of a large pizza just because someone might have assumed that a lot more people will be happy to munch down on it.

If you know from past experience that some of your friends tend to get their second wind very late at night – make sure you add on some extra slices for them or pick up another kind of snack for everyone to munch.

Slices per person.

A standard piece of large New York style pizza usually consists of four slices. However, this number does depend on the thickness and shape of the crust – some types may yield slightly smaller or bigger pieces.

If you are serving some unusual types of pizza, you might want to get an idea of the average slice size by looking at the servings on your pizza boxes.

Number of guests.

You will need approximately 1 large New York style pizza per 4 people when hosting a party or pizza night in with family and friends.

If there are more than 10 people coming over – make sure you order two large pizzas instead of one big one to avoid running out of food too early.

Of course, this all depends on how hungry your company tends to be – if it’s just for chips and movie snacks then one large pizza will do just fine.

Size of the ovens when ordering delivery/takeout.  

You should also consider whether your oven is big enough to fit in a large pizza.

Most ovens are of course made to fit in medium or even small sized pizzas.

If you have an unusual size of oven – you will need to provide this information when ordering the pizza.

Varieties of pizza crusts.  

Thickness of the crust can make a great difference when estimating how many slices there are in one piece.

A standard thickness usually consists of about 0,3 inches (0,75 cm) or less but some types like deep-dish or stuffed crust may be much thicker than that – these types tend to yield fewer slices per piece because it takes more dough/crust to make them.

Now that know all about how many people does a large pizza feed – it’s time to pick up some snacks and beer. Enjoy!

If everyone is eating at the same time, or if it’s more spread out over time

Then you want to feed everyone as much as they can eat so one large pizza for 10 people.

But if it’s more spread out, and say you start eating early on, and then you stop and do something else for a while and then come back and eat again, then it would be better to get two small pizzas: that way each person gets more at each sitting.

If you’re feeding kids, who typically don’t eat as much as adults, I’d go with 4-5 slices per person (or 1/4 of the pizza). That’s enough time between servings that no kid should feel hungry waiting for another slice or two.

Whether or not people are sharing other foods with each other (such as appetizers)

This is another important consideration. Another thing to consider is how much pizza people typically eat – even if they are kids.

A typical slice of large pizza will yield 4 slices, so one large pie for 10 people should feed everyone on average 4 slices.

Even though the typical New York style slice has a diameter of ~16″, not all slices have that same shape and size due to the thickness of the crust and a few other factors.

A normal slice from a NY pizzeria tends to be about 0.3″ thick but some deep dish pizzas have more dough per piece so those types can be as thin as 0,4″. In order to calculate how many pieces there are in one large pizza you need to first determine the average size of each slice.

For this calculation, lets assume a NY style pizza with an average slice size of 0.3″. The slices in a large 16″ pizza will be approximately 4.2 pieces if you assume each slice yields 1/4 of the pie.

If each person is going to consume 2 slices then that means that one large 16″ pizza will feed 5 people if they are all eating at the same time and everyone eats two slices.

To figure out how many pizzas you need for a given number of people, simply divide by 5 and round up to the next integer (assuming you want to have some leftovers).

For example:

10 people consuming 2 pieces = 20 total pieces so order 1 large | 15 people consuming 2 pieces = 30 total pieces so order 1.5 large | 20 people consuming 2 pieces = 40 total pieces so order 2 large

A 16″ pizza should yield about 5 slices assuming each slice is 1/4 of the pie. You may have to cut each slice in half for 4 kids.

What if you don’t know how many people are coming over?

Well, you’re just going to have to play it by ear and buy a bunch of pizzas until the beer runs out!

For parties where you want some leftovers I suggest buying one extra large pizza per 5 people attending if they all plan on eating at the same time with no leftovers or two extra large pizzas per 5 people in case some leaveovers desired.

Make sure everyone eats at least one slice before you leaveovers.

Or order a bunch of pizzas and call it pizza/beer buffet night where everyone eats when they want!

If the party starts early and goes late, or if people will go off and do things in between meals, then two small pizzas may be better than one large.

You don’t want to burn out your oven when the party is really cooking!

If there are kids at the party who aren’t going to eat much (if anything) then perhaps just get one medium size for each 3 adults attending.

And if someone asks how many slices there are in a large?

Check out our article guide about this question : ->

How many large pizzas do I need for 10 adults?

You need FOUR large pizzas to feed 10 adults.

What is the best topping for a pizza?

Topping wise, it depends on your preference and taste buds! Some people love seafood and anchovies while others prefer sweet and spicy BBQ chicken. The choice is yours!

Why do we use large pizzas in Australia?

We use large pizzas in Australia because we live in such a big country that often times one medium or small pizza just isn’t enough for everyone at home or without leftovers to take home with them.

This problem was solved when Pizza invented the large size which makes much more sense in a country as big as Australia.

How much pizza do you need per person?

One large pizza per person is an absolute must, you can never have too much pizza.

How many slices in a pizza?

There are 8 regular slices in a regular sized large pizza.

How long does it take for a large Pizza to cook?

A regular size, gluten free and non-dairy cheese large pizza takes approximately 20 minutes to make! Simply preheat your oven prior to ordering to ensure the best quality of cooking time.

What is the 2 pizza rule?

The 2 pizza rule is to always order at least two large pizzas when you are having a party. This ensures that your guests will be full, satisfied and happy throughout the night!

How much pizza do I need for 8 adults?

8 adults would require at least 5 large pizzas.

How much pizza do I need per person?

We recommend ordering one large pizza per person as a minimum to feed everyone who will be attending your party or function. You can also order additional small pizzas if you have guests coming over before the main event.

How big is a 10-inch pizza from Domino’s?

A regular size 10-inch pizza is 20cm in diameter.

Conclusion on How Many People Does A Large Pizza Feed?

The answer to this question is “The average person eats three slices of pizza, but an extra-large size can feed up to five people.

A large pie usually contains eight servings and would be enough for two adults or four children if they were not too hungry!”

If there’s only a few of you wanting the same toppings (not including special requests such as gluten free, vegan cheese or non-dairy cheese) then we would recommend one person one large pizza which will give them approximately 8 slices.

However if your group has a wide variety of food tastes and preferences then we recommend at least 5 large pizzas per 8 adults (1 large pizza equals 16 slices). We hope this article has answered all your questions for now!

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