10 Best Pizza Places in Roanoke, VA [Latest 2023 Updated]

If you are in Roanoke, VA, you can enjoy the best pizzas in the US. The pizza places compete to make the most mouthwatering pizzas you can find anywhere, with the best Italian pizzerias and New York-style pizza options. So I made a list of where to find the very best pizza in Roanoke that will take good care of your craving.

1) Bobby's Hot & Cheesey

Price: From $9

Address: 2071 Colonial Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24015, United States

Phone: +1 540-795-4217

This is easily the most amazing pizza place I have visited in Roanoke. The pizza place has great pizza with a thin crust that will make you craving for more. The airy dough and the crisp outside make Bobby's a yummy bite that had me returning for more.

10 Best Pizza Places in Roanoke, VA [Latest 2023 Updated]

The choice to build my pizza and choose my ingredients automatically made Bobby's a favorite restaurant to go to. Their toppings are out of this world and are made of fresh ingredients only.

The pizza at Bobby's is hot and has the best cheese I tasted in Roanoke. There are few places to compare to Bobby's because their vegan and gluten-free options are equally as good as their normal pizza. What's better, there is beer to wash down the pizza. This makes for a great time with friends, especially for people who like going out like me. Apart from beer, they have lemonades and calzones to accompany the pizza.

Bobby's has the best customer service, and you will be friends with them before you know it.

2) Grace’s Place Pizzeria

Price: under $10

Address: 1316 Grandin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24015, United States

Phone: +1 540-981-1340

Grace's place pizzeria is another pizza place that will remain in my top three pizza places in Roanoke. The pizza place is in Gradin village, making it a strategically placed spot. If you are looking for a premium Italian restaurant pizza, then Grace's place pizzeria is the place to be.

The restaurant has great service, which is one of the main things I look for whenever I visit a pizza spot. This is the first recipe for enjoying great pizza.

The pizza at Grace's place has the perfect crust. The bread is not too thin, and neither is it too thick. The bit is yummy, and the toppings are out of this world.

Apart from pizza, you can order wings and calzones to have a more diverse meal. The menu at Grace's place further has some good sandwiches, pasta, and a huge variety of pizzas that you will hardly find anywhere else.

3) Allsports Cafe

Price: From $11

Address: 2326 Grandin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24015, United States

Phone: +1 540-725-5155

Pizza is fun when you are chilling with friends over a few matches on the screen. Allsports cafe is the place to be if you want to catch the latest games in the sporting world. There is always positive energy in Allsports, which is exactly the kind required to enjoy a good pizza.

The pizza is just as good as the place, with a great selection of toppings to go with the pizza. In addition, there are other options, like wings, to have everyone taken care of. The pizza sports bar has the best beer, pizza, wings, and screens in Roanoke, VA, and this is just the perfect combination anyone would be looking for to enjoy a good time in Roanoke.

4) Benny Marconi’s

Price: Under $11

Address: 120 Campbell Ave SE, Roanoke, VA 24011, United States

Phone: +1 540-400-8818

This place had surprisingly delicious pizza. The first reason I went to Benny Marconi's was the convenient location, which is downtown Roanoke's heart. This makes it one of the most convenient places to order or have pizza. There are a lot of pizza places in Roanoke, but Benny Marconi's is where you will find me during the busiest days.

Benny Marconi has been around for ten years and is still going strong with their pizzas at one of the best pizza places in Roanoke. The special thing about the restaurant has to be Benny, who worked with a lot of Italian chefs who make the best pies and pizzas in Roanoke, VA. This means you can always go right when you order pizza in Roanoke, VA.

While the restaurant has predominantly Italian options, they serve some of the best New York pizza in Roanoke, VA. There is hardly any other place to compare with Benny's because they check many boxes. From convenience to delicious bites, Benny's remains one of the best pizza places in Roanoke.

5) Mellow Mushroom

Price: From $11

Address: 2239 Franklin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24014, United States

Phone: +1 540-512-9822

Mellow Mushroom has to be the most vibrant pizza place in Roanoke. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming, and the service is great. This is one of the recipes required for anyone to enjoy a good pizza. Now that the location checks the vibes box, the pizza is held highly by food lovers in the city.

Apart from good pizza with the best toppings, Mellow Mushroom has specialty pizzas that you can choose from. If you have a special way you like your pizza, the restaurant can build you a custom one.

The pizzas in Mellow are stone baked, which is a rare thing to find in most restaurants. Roanoke valley boasts of this spot as one of the best beer spots. There are handcrafted cocktails to have the pizza with. Furthermore, there are 49 draft beers to choose from, making the restaurant a place where you can never get bored.

Here is one thing I looked forward to each time I visited the restaurant. They have a blue cheese dip with pretzels, a great appetizer you will not find in other restaurants. In addition, my friends loved the place because there were vegan options to choose from. All these, combined with a 70s vibe, make the pizza spot a must-visit for anyone looking for pizza to enjoy.

6) Leonore Restaurant

Price: From $11

Address: 128 Campbell Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24011, United States

Phone: +1 540-904-5559

While Roanoke valley has a lot of Italian restaurants, Leonore restaurant brings the Venezuelan vibe. You probably do not remember the last time you ate in a Venezuelan restaurant. Well, if you happen to be in Roanoke valley, this is your chance to enjoy the delicacies at Leonore.

The Leonore menu features many Italian tastes mixed with Venezuelan traditions. There are a lot of firsts that you will experience when you visit the restaurant. Leonore has a lot of fusion cuisines that will blow your mind.

The restaurant also boasts delicious arepas that other restaurants will not find. There are garlic knots to enjoy here, and the options never run out. The restaurant has a laid-back vibe, and the staff is the best you are yet to find anywhere in Roanoke, VA.

One of the best things the restaurant does is to fundraise to help Venezuelans who might need help in and out of the US. This is a reason why the restaurant became one of my favorite places almost instantly.

Above all, the pizza at Leonore is the one to beat.

7) Frank's Pizza & Subs

Price: From $10

Address: 4208 Franklin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24014, United States

Phone: +1 540-989-4440

Frank's pizza dominates a lot of towns, and it is no secret that they are the best pizza places to be anywhere in the US. I trust the restaurant, which is the first place I will go to whenever I am unsure where else to look for pizza. Their subs are out of this world, and I love the consistency across all their restaurants.

Frank's pizza has the best gluten-free pizzas in Roanoke, VA, and enjoys a good crowd of vegan pizza lovers. In addition, there is a list of toppings that no other restaurants will close to in many years.

Frank's pizza has reasonable pricing that you are not likely to find anywhere else in Roanoke, VA. While the restaurant has the best prices, the pizza reflects the dedication and great service offered by the staff in the restaurant.

8) The Green Goat

Price: From $11

Address: 802 Wiley Dr SW, Roanoke, VA 24015, United States

Phone: +1 540-904-6091

The pizza at the Green Goat is as unique as its name. The restaurant's great food kept me going and drew me to the restaurant every time I was close to the Wasena Neighborhood. There is everything special about the pizza in the Green Goat.

The vibes at the restaurant are unbeatable, with an outdoor seating place to enjoy the pizza. In addition, there are fire pits in the restaurant to make the pizza night an enjoyable one. Finally, a fireplace with friends is hard to beat for anyone looking to enjoy great pizza.

A park nearby makes the Green Goat a relaxing and special place to go whenever you are looking for chilled-out spots. There is a walking trail outside, which makes visiting the restaurant a mini-vacation. Whenever I am overwhelmed with work and need a relaxed place to be, the Green Goat has me covered.

9) Highlander Pizza

Price: From $8.99

Address: 2043 Electric Rd, Cave Spring, VA 24018, United States

Phone: +1 540-774-7777

There is high competition for the best pizza in Roanoke, and Highlander pizza is one of the few places I have to mention. The restaurant probably has the best dough in Roanoke. Their options are fresh and are the best for anyone with food sensitivity. The fresh ingredients they put in their pizza are the only reason I trust them with my orders each time I feel like eating a pizza.

The pizza is hand-tossed, and food fanatics will understand why this is a big deal. There is an option to pick wings, calzones, and cheesesteaks.

The restaurant is a bit pricey, but I never minded because their pizza is worth the try. Highlander is where I order most of my to-go pizza because it stays fresh until I am ready to partake.

The one reason why I would recommend the Highlander pizza place to anyone is their sensitivity to religion. The restaurant offers Halal food, making it easier for my Muslim friends to enjoy pizza whenever we hang out. This service is rare in most restaurants, and Highlander is at the forefront of promoting this good habit.

10) Cicis Pizza

Price: Under $10

Address: 1413 Towne Square Blvd NW, Roanoke, VA 24012, United States

Phone: +1 540-563-8181

While the name is inviting, the pizza is out of this world. There is a reason why I like to sneak into Cicis every moment I get. Their pizza is hot and fresh. Nothing tastes better than a hot and fresh pizza with the freshest ingredients. The restaurant further offers a variety of pasta, salad options, and pizzas, and there is everything for everyone in this pizza place.

The pizza is served straight from the oven, and this is one thing I can not get over. The price is friendly, and the bar is high, making it harder for other restaurants to come close to Cicis.

You can get options at Cicis, including stuffed crust, pan pizzas, flatbreads, and more. There is everything for everyone. This is the place I go to whenever I am hanging out with my little cousin, who happens to be very picky. Luckily, Cicis has every choice she could want to make.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a pizza place in Roanoke, VA, can only be hard because there are great options. You cannot miss a spot if you want somewhere to hang with family or friends. The pizzas in the restaurants I mentioned above are made from scratch to fit your cravings, and every time you eat pizza in Roanoke, you will look forward to the next time.

Plus, if you are in Virginia Beach, check out some 15 places to enjoy mouthwatering options. A tasty lunch, quick bites, or night pizza can never go wrong in Roanoke, VA.

Featured Image Source: Kevin T unsplash.com

10 Best Pizza Places in Roanoke, VA [Latest 2023 Updated]