Where to Find the Best Pizza in Beaverton, Oregon

Beaverton has a lot of pizza shops, and I could hardly try all of them. However, for the few that I judged, they were glorious. I tried over 50 pizza restaurants in the area over the two years I lived there, and here are the places with the best pizza in Beaverton.

1) MOD Pizza

Price: From $11

Address: 19550 Molalla Ave Suite 145, Oregon City, OR 97045, United States

Phone: +1 503-908-5790

MOD stands for made-on-demand, and MOD Pizza is convenient because it meets my demands. I loved taking advantage of the option to build a pizza because I could have my favorite ingredients on it. In addition, MOD Pizza is conveniently placed to be accessed from any side of town.

Image Source: pizzamarketplace.com

The more reason why I feel good about buying a pizza from MOD is the support they give to local schools and non-profits.

2) Gyro House Mediterranean Grill

Price: $10-$15

Address: 530 SW 205th Ave #700, Beaverton, OR 97006, United States

Phone: +1 503-690-1700

Apart from the great Mediterranean dishes, Gyro House Mediterranean Grill serves some of the best pizzas in Oregon. The Greek and Middle Eastern twist in the recipe is one of a kind and the most amazing pizza I have ever had.

Image Source: tasteofhome.com

3) Pizza Jerk

Price: $11-$30

Address: 5028 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, OR 97218, United States

Phone: +1 503-284-9333

Besides having the best gluten-free pizza, Pizza Jerk has no frills on its fabric or service. Pizza Jerk has the best pizza delivery in Oregon, with three locations to boast of.

Image Source: uomoeambiente.com

4) Society Pie

Price:  From $24

Address: 8410 SW Nimbus Ave Suite 500, Beaverton, OR 97008, United States

Phone: +1 503-747-4831

Image Source: tripadvisor.in

Society Pie is the best family pizzeria in Oregon, with good vibes, great art on the walls, and good music to go along with it. The special deals and discounts are things I look forward to when ordering from Society Pie.

5) Ernesto’s Italian Restaurant

Price: $11-$30

Address: 8544 SW Apple Way, Portland, OR 97225, United States

Phone: +1 503-292-0119

Image Source: besthdwallpaper.com

The chef-inspired specials from Ernesto's Italian Restaurant are a delight with traditional treats, including their pizza. The pizza is fresh, and every bite is nourishing.

6) Bombay Pizza & Curry

Price: From $15

Address: 16165 SW Regatta Ln # 700, Beaverton, OR 97006, United States

Phone: +1 503-746-5400

Image Source: itl.cat

I can order a few pizzas twice a day, and the Bombay pizza is one such treat. With budget-friendly prices, the pizza is available for everyone to enjoy.

7) Sizzle Pie

Price: From $3

Address: 12645 SW 1st St, Beaverton, OR 97005, United States

Phone: +1 503-883-8468

Image Source: wallpaperflare.com

Apart from the quick and convenient delivery, there is hardly any pizza in Oregon that tastes as nice as Sizzle Pie. The East Coast-style pizza is the only one of its kind, making it one of the best pizza places in Beaverton.

8) Round Table Pizza

Price: Under $10

Address: 10150 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005, United States

Phone: +1 503-646-6168

Image Source: vvtakeaway.co.uk

If there is a pizza place that you can find in every corner of Beaverton, it is Round Table. This means I do not have to wait long to receive their pizza to take care of my cravings.

9) Corona Mexican Restaurant

Price: From $9.50

Address: 4250 SW Mercantile Drive, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Phone: +1 503-675-0088

Image Source: peakpx.com

Corona is big on online deliveries, making them one of Beaverton's most convenient pizza spots. The restaurant has a lot of other treats, but their pizza is too soft and yummy to pass.

10) Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

Price: $14

Address: 4105 SW 117th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005, United States

Phone: +1 503-641-3784

Image Source: mashed.com

Apart from the great staff, the pizza from Red Robin is out of this world. The crust is easy to bite into and is neither too thin nor too thick. Red Robing pizza is just about what every pizza should be like.

11) Baby Doll Pizza

Price: From $10

Address: 2835 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Phone: +1 503-459-4450

Image Source: thekitchn.com

I am not into vegan options, but my friends can not stop mentioning how good the Baby Doll veggie pizza is. I would strongly recommend this option, given the delight I see in my friend's eyes whenever I order a Baby Doll pizza.

The other options from the pizza place are just as good, with awesome sauce and toppings to die for.

12) Si Señor Mexican Restaurant

Price: $15

Address: 8220 SW Hall Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97008, United States

Phone: +1 503-350-1425

Image Source: freepik.com

Mexican pizza hits on a different level when made well, and Si Senor Mexican does just this. Their options are delightful, and there are options when I feel like trying out a different option. However, there is no reason why I would not want Mexican pizza any day.

13) Schmizza Pub & Grub

Price: From $19 (medium)

Address: 415 SW Montgomery St, Portland, OR 97201, United States

Phone: +1 503-473-8119

Image Source: Yemeksepeti.com

This is a family-friendly spot I like visiting whenever I want to hang out with my people. Besides having conversations, the best part of the experience is the pizza. The craft brews on tap complement the well-prepared pizza adding to the overall taste associated with the Pizza Schmizza Pub.

14) Los Tacos Don Juan

Price: From $7.50

Address: 17891 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy, Aloha, OR 97006, United States

Phone: +1 503-374-3095

Image Source: kauveryhospital.com

The Los Tacos not only has great people, but the spices on the pizza are out of this world. Once the service is great, the pizza taste increases tenfold, and Los Tacos offers just that.

15) Blind Onion Pizza & Pub

Price: From $8

Address: 3345 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232, United States

Phone: +1 503-284-2825

Image Source: thelist.com

Blind Onion has a lot of delightful servings on its menu, but the best yet is its pizza. Blind Onion pizza has delicious toppings with fresh ingredients, all made in-house. The red sauce and the focaccia bread are rare combinations that you will not find anywhere else but Blind Onion.

16) Pizza Wings Rock & Roll

Price: From $9

Address: 8436 N Ivanhoe St., Portland, OR 97203

Phone: 503-285-8033

Image Source: thehoneycombers.com

Pizza Wings has one of the most diverse pizza menus of all the pizza places in Beaverton. The options are not as limited as the other restaurants' different tastes.

What to Look for in a Good Pizza

Image Source: archyde.com

There are all these great pizza spots, which might be overwhelming when looking for a place to settle on. To do this, I had to take my time and look at the similarities in the pizzas I found delightful to eat.

Here are some things that add up to make a good slice.

a) Ingredient Balance

If a pizza is balanced, the ingredients will complement each other nicely. There is a lot of competition for recipes from different companies to make the best pizza. However, you must like the pizza, which must work for you. For this reason, pizza houses allow you to make your own pizza and combine your ingredients because it is hard to get the same recipe to work for two people.

Another way I anticipate the ingredients is by knowing what I am ordering. For example, I should not expect Thai, Mexican, and Hawaiian to have similar recipes.

b) Crust

Image Source: westsidepizza.com

The bread is one of the things that make or break a pizza. If the crust is too thin, more often than not, I will feel played. If the crust is too thick, the ingredients on the toppings will not have their full potential. There is a lot that goes into getting the perfect crust, and different companies will claim their crust is the best for a reason; because it is a big deal.

c) Toppings

I get so mad when the pizza I get looks nothing like the one on the poster. This is because we all love a generous amount of ingredients on the toppings. I love extra cheese, and the meat should be enough for me not to have to think about it in the first place.

Different pizza companies will allow you to pick and choose the toppings you want and in what capacity. This is the thing I look for when ordering pizza online. If there is no way for me to choose the number of ingredients I want on my pizza, then I will look for another company.

d) Delivery Time

Image Source: falstaff.ch

While the delivery time may not look like a big deal, it certainly is. If the pizza takes too long on the road, there is a chance that the pizza might arrive slightly cold. On the other hand, there is nothing like a warm pizza straight from the oven. There are great methods of keeping pizza warm, and a delivery taking forever is not one of them.

Another thing I look out for is whether the company offers free pizza delivery. If so, then there is a chance I am ordering.

e) Size

I am not eating a tiny slice of pizza with a happy face. The size of the slice has to be generous. This has a direct influence on my mood. When I order pizza for my family, I want everyone to be satisfied, and small slices will have everyone wanting more pizza.

f) Fresh Ingredients

Image Source: inspiredluv.com

It is easy to know when a pizza has overstayed ingredients compared to one with fresh ingredients. A lot goes into making a good slice of pizza, and keeping it fresh is the way to go.

g) Reviews

I look at reviews very keenly when ordering pizza. While I like trying out new restaurants for the thrill of it, I never gamble with food when I am really hungry or when I have a craving. I am only going for a place I trust, and everyone else has a good thing to say.

Beware because some people get paid to leave behind good reviews. Avoid falling for this.

Final Take

Image Source: tastingtable.com

There are over 50 pizza places in Beaverton, and finding the best one can be a walk in the park. For someone like me, trying out different restaurants is something I love doing, but when it comes down to it, there is a need to have a trusted pizza place as a go-to whenever you are hungry. The restaurants mentioned above are good enough to keep you yearning for more.

Featured Image Source: quorn.co.uk

Where to Find the Best Pizza in Beaverton, Oregon