The Best 13 Pizza Places in Peoria, IL [2023 Reviewed]

Peoria is the largest river city in Illinois, and the breathtaking riverfront views are unforgettable. Nonetheless, a good time is always accompanied by crispy, mouthwatering pizza. So if you are in town and are looking for the best pizza in Peoria, you’re in the right place!

In this article, we will explore 13 pizzerias in Peoria, IL, that are guaranteed to have you coming back for more!

1. Double A’s Pizza Sports Bar and Grill

Price: From $7.50 (menu)

Address: 7716 IL-91, Peoria, IL 61615, United States

Phone: +1 309-692-0800

Double A’s is known for its friendly service and appealing atmosphere that draws everyone in. So as you enjoy a relaxing pizza day, your kids can also have fun in their game room. Locals swam the place on game nights to watch their favorite games. This pizzeria offers fun and delicious pizza, so you don’t miss out on anything!

The Best 13 Pizza Places in Peoria, IL [2023 Reviewed]

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Try out one of their specialty pizzas like Dugan’s Special pizza with pepperoni, salami, Canadian bacon, and black olives. The combo is mouthwatering, and the taste is excellent! The best part about Double A’s pizza is that they cater to meat and vegetable lovers alike. There is something for everyone at this pizzeria in Peoria, IL!

2. Agatucci’s Restaurant, Inc

Price: From $12.95 (menu)

Address: 2607 N University St, Peoria, IL 61604, United States

Phone: +1 309-688-8200

This restaurant is a family-business serving chewy pizzas and various Italian delicacies. It has been in operation for almost a decade; in 2015, it appeared on the Thrillist as one of the best pizzas in Illinois. Agatucci is famous for its thin-crust pizza with tiger sauce you can’t find anywhere else.

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The best part about this pizzeria in East Peoria is that you can always enjoy something else to ramp up your pizza nights; their fried chicken is amazing! In addition, the atmosphere is polite and welcoming, and Agatucci loves kids. So, if you plan to have a family dinner here, go ahead.

Agatucci’s is a family-friendly restaurant that will have you and your kids feeling calm and relaxed. You can always look up how many people a large pizza feeds to ensure you order enough.

3. Oliver’s Pizza & Pub North

Price: From $8.00 (menu)

Address: 3300 W Willow Knolls Dr, Peoria, IL 61614, United States

Phone: +1 309-886-9084

Oliver’s Pizza & Pub North is a locally-owned pizzeria that features live music, an arched for kids, karaoke, and trivia nights on Thursday. Oliver’s pizza place is about having fun as you enjoy the best pizza. There are also dartboards and other fun board games that will ensure a memorable night with friends and family.

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The menu has several delicious thin-crust pizzas, wings, and cheese curds bound to make you love the place. Besides the food, Oliver’s Pizza & Pub North also has a great selection of craft beers for when you want to have a good time! 

4. Bacci Pizza Express

Price: From $16.95 (menu)

Address: 1222 W Bradley Ave, Peoria, IL 61606-1726

Phone: (309) 676-2222

Bacci Pizza is a favorite amongst the locals in Peoria, IL. One bite of what they offer, and you’ll agree that their pizza is worth a second and third trip. They are famous for their huge pizza slices that have everyone raving because the flavors dont disappoint either.

And the best part is that their menu isn’t just about pizza; they have calzones, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and more. So Bacci Pizza is the place to be if you want to enjoy other delicacies on your pizza nights.

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Have you ever had French fries on your pizza? Try it out at Bacci for a fulfilling flavor-packed meal. Then, enjoy your pizza to go with a curbside pickup option available. Furthermore, the fact that they only offer a takeaway service means you can enjoy the yummy pizzas in the comfort of your home or car! 

5. Peoria Pizza Works

Price: From $13 (menu)

Address: 3921 N Prospect Rd, Peoria Heights, IL 61616, United States

Phone: +1 309-682-5446

Peoria Pizza Works cares for the needs of the locals, so this is the pizzeria you call when you have those late-night pizza cravings. They are known for their deep-dish pizza and delicious Chicago-style pan-crust pizza. And if you’re around Peoria, IL, around lunchtime, take advantage of their daily deal; a lunch buffet for only $7.99 from 11 am to 1:30 daily.

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If you are the kind that works hard and plays harder, this restaurant is for you! They offer open mic on Thursdays and trivia nights on Wednesdays. And don’t forget to have a blast with the appetizers that you won’t get enough of.

They remain in operation until midnight every day, and on Thursday, the time is extended until 1 am. Afterward, you can either dine in or opt for the curbside pickup for takeout!

6. Nick-N-Willy’s Pizza

Price: From $8.75 (menu)

Address: 4700 N University St #90, Peoria, IL 61614, United States

Phone: +1 309-691-2345

Nick-N-Willy’s is Peoria, IL’s hidden gem! They call themselves Peoria’s best-kept-secret, and you will agree after tasting their gourmet pizzas. Every slice you eat will have you asking for another and another. Plus, their crusts are expertly cooked with farm-fresh toppings!

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Established in 1996, Nick-N-Willy’s have devoted itself to using only fresh ingredients in their pizzas. And the gluten intolerant individuals are not left out because this pizzeria offers gluten-free crust options.

After learning how attentive they are to ensure their healthy pizza options are perfect, you might start to question whether homemade pizza is really healthy.

7. Monical’s Pizza

Price: From $6.75 (menu)

Address: 4408 Knoxville Ave, Peoria, IL 61614, United States

Phone: +1 309-688-0747

Monical’s Pizza selection is one of the best pizzas you will have in Peoria, IL. Located at Knoxville Ave and Willow Knolls in Peoria, this pizza place is loved by many in the community. They are known to actively give back to the community by participating in programs like pizza with a purpose and more.

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Enjoy excellent service at this pizzeria as you devour one of the best thin-crust pizzas. You can order online for delivery or go for the to-go and dine-in options; they’re all about what’s convenient for you! So call some friends or family and have a blast at Monical’s Pizza.

8. Brienzo’s Wood-Fired Pizza

Price: From $13.95 (menu)

Address: Heritage Square, 4450 N Prospect Rd, Peoria Heights, IL 61616, United States

Phone: +1 309-966-4185

The wood-fired thin-crust pizzas at Brienzo’s are simply heavenly! This pizzeria has served Neapolitan-style pizza since 2012 and offers you a taste of authentic Italian delicacies. The dough is hand tossed to ensure the right texture, shape, and flavor. If you check every review about Brienzo’s wood-fired Pizza, you won’t miss to notice how much their cauliflower crust pizzas have people raving.

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Brienza’s also serves excellent beer, cheese breadsticks, and panini. The menu will have your mouth watering, and a taste of the pizza and the food will ask for seconds! Another part of their menu to look out for is the draft beer and wine selection; you can’t go wrong.

Nonetheless, if you happen to be one of those with dietary restrictions, then worry not! Brienza offers delicious gluten-free crusts that will give you the full experience of Italian goodness without the risk of reactions. 

9. Sugar Wood-Fired Bistro

Price: From $11.95 (menu)

Address: 826 SW Adams St, Peoria, IL 61602, United States

Phone: +1 309-676-0848

Do you love wood-fired pizzas? Then Sugar Wood-fired Bistro is your to-go-to pizza place. The pizza here is not just divine; it comes in generous portions too! Plus, the toppings don’t disappoint, and the combinations are superb.

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People rave about the BBQ chicken, Salmon BLT, and Smokey pork chipotle. But don’t leave without trying their award-winning mac & cheese and meatloaf!

Sugar is one of the best restaurants in Peoria. So, if you are a pizza lover, go on over cause your taste buds are guaranteed satisfaction! 

10. Firehouse Pizza & Pub

Price: From $8.49 (menu)

Address: 240 S. Main St. East Peoria, IL 6161

Phone: 309-698-9111

Firehouse Pizza can be located on Main St, East Peoria, IL. They offer the best small-town service with delicious cheesy pizza you'll be thinking of days after a bite. They are known for handmade pizzas topped with fresh ingredients. Plus, the handmade dough is always fresh, made daily to ensure they offer one of the freshest pizzas in Peoria.

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Try mimicking their pizza using some of the best Vegan Pizza Cheese recipes. Additionally, if you have gluten issues, you can pick from their gluten-free options and enjoy!

Before leaving this locally owned business premise, ensure you take your time to enjoy their famous sweet sauce on either their deep dish or thin-crust pizzas. Other delicious bites include sandwiches, pasta, wings, and more.

11. Chicago Pizzeria

Price: From $14.99 (menu)

Address: 814 W Pioneer Pkwy, Peoria, IL 61615, United States

Phone: +1 309-690-4745

 Chicago Grill Pizzeria is famous for Chicago-style deep-dish pizza that is expertly hand-tossed and topped with fresh ingredients and cheese. Founded 25 years ago, Chicago Pizzeria specializes in a variety of dishes that Chicago has to offer. Chicago specialties like hot dogs, sandwiches, gyros, and other amazing delicacies are part of this restaurant’s menu.

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With the years they have been serving great food, they have experienced every nook and cranny that Chicago food culture offers. Their pizza dough is a personal recipe from their grandma, making it as tasty as you can imagine.

On top of great food and pizza, the atmosphere at Chicago Grill is the best for a hang-out with friends and family.

12. Pizza Ranch

Price: From $9.99 (menu)

Address: 4114 N Brandywine Dr, Peoria, IL 61614, United States

Phone: +1 309-839-1420

Pizza Ranch is the true definition of an American pizza chain, with 207 locations spread out across 14 states in the US today. The branch in Peoria has done the name great justice with excellent service and delicious pizza. For years Pizza Ranch restaurants have served.

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The locals are sure to mention Pizza ranch when talking about satisfying cravings. They offer amazing pizza, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and gravy that is raved about by locals. Moreover, they have several special prices for their excellent food. Plus, if you want something healthy, their salad bar is one of the most famous parts of their menu.

13. Hoops Pub & Pizza

Price: From $11.99 (menu)

Address: 516 Main St #1029, Peoria, IL 61602, United States

Contact: +1 309-637-0525

In downtown Peoria IL, Hoops Pub and Pizza is one pizzeria that doesn’t easily go without mention. It has been around for years and is still famed for one of the best pizzas in Peoria. The portion sizes will have you knocking on their doors, and the drinks on the menu are worth stopping by.

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Tourists and locals alike, Hoops gets everyone hooked on the first bite. So if you love greasy pizza with plenty of cheese, great undercarriage, and a crust that is done just right, take a tour of downtown Peoria and visit Hoops for a memorable pizza night.


Peoria has everything, whether you are looking for a fancy restaurant to dine in with friends and family or a convenient chain pizzeria. If you stay in Peoria and are looking for a new joint, we hope we made it easier for you with the contact and addresses.

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The Best 13 Pizza Places in Peoria, IL [2023 Reviewed]