The Best Grill for Pizza [2023 Top Pick]

Do you want to know how to have the ultimate pizza night at home? Homemade pizza is interesting and easy to cook until you want it to taste like restaurant pizza. Then you wonder what type of oven they use. There is when the pizza oven with grills comes in! Our article recommends the best grill for pizza we tested that allow you to enjoy a crusty, delicious pizza in the comfort of your home. So let's get started!

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This is the best wood fire oven for anyone who wants to bake yummy pizza on a grill. The outstanding feature of this model was its ceramic stone that helped the oven heat up evenly, creating a tasty and crusty pizza without burns.

With this amazing pizza oven for grills, we enjoyed outdoor picnics and made pizza on our patio and backyard. It made it possible to make homemade pizzas, frozen and premade ones too. I also used the oven to bake other pastries like bread, cookies, and pies.

The temperature range reached a maximum of 700F; we monitored it via a conventional temperature gauge until it reached the desired level.

Its heat diffusion plate ensured our pizza was well-baked and had a crispy crust. Its ceramic stone kept the dough fluffy and moist on the inside. The oven was perfect for outdoor family gatherings as it gave us fresh pizza while we enjoyed a cool breeze.

In addition, we also got a cooking guide with various recipes to try. The manual gave us a chance to diversify and try something new.


  • It has an adjustable heat level
  • It has a great price
  • It has a durable ceramic pizza stone


  • It is heavy

2. Best Gas Grill: Only Fire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit

We recommend the Only Fire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit as the best gas grill. It produced a beautiful crisp brown pizza that we enjoyed with our family and friends while on outdoor adventures.

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The model was made of durable stainless steel and was resistant to extreme heat. Therefore, I used the oven for baking other pastries such as bread, cookies, or pies. In the kit, we got a thermometer which we used to measure the heat level and monitor the temperature of the oven while baking. Besides, the kit also had a convenient peel and a pizza stone that we used to make crusty pizza.

It had a double wall that ensured heat retention and enabled me to bake pizzas faster while keeping them moist inside. We also used this oven to make homemade pizzas and defrost frozen pizzas.

This oven was portable due to its size, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. The model is the best for any gas grill, including weber grills. Its professional design allowed us to bake tasty, crispy pizza. Its installation process was easy since it had a compact size. It also fitted most standard grills.


  • It has a professional design
  • It comes with extra accessories
  • It has a great price


  • It has a smaller cooking surface compared to other models

3. Best for BBQ Grills: Kettle Pizza Deluxe Oven Kit

If you want to turn your outdoor space into a pizza barbeque fiesta, the Kettle Pizza Deluxe is what you need. It uses its stainless steel design to hold the heat inside the mini oven, thus delivering high cooking temperatures that favored my barbeque chicken pizza recipes.

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It was easy to install as I just placed the kit over the grates and allowed the grill to heat up before I started cooking. The kit provided 24 by 17 inches of cooking space which was enough for my preps since I used the extra grilling space to cook my burger and brats alongside the pizza. The only downside to this kit was I had to buy my pizza stone. Otherwise, I recommend it as the best pizza kit for a barbeque grill.


  • It is easy to install
  • It offers extra cooking space
  • It delivers the best temperatures for cooking pizza


  • You will have to buy a pizza stone separately

4. Best Multipurpose: Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Plus, Griddle, and Grill

We recommend the Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Plus, Griddle, and Grill for people looking for a multipurpose outdoor pizza oven, griddle, and grill. It offered versatility, performance, and portability. Apart from making my pizzas using its cordierite pizza stone, it also functioned as a griddle, with 260 square inches of space, and a grill with 233 square inches of space, allowing us to grill other foods alongside the pizza.

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We were impressed with how easy it was to heat up the oven, as it took only 15 minutes to reach 600 degrees Fahrenheit at the front of the oven. It had a nice oven-style opening with a lid that folded down, making it easy for us to turn the cooking pizzas.

Also, we only turned the pizza once when it was half cooked. That means minimal checking on the pizza, but we still got a nicely cooked one.

It also had a dual-hinged lid that we could flip up and down to move cooked hamburgers or fried eggs. Its integrated storage space allowed us to keep the grill grate and griddle plate safe.

The only downside we experienced was its hectic setup, but it was easy to use after it was fired up.


  • It is easy to use
  • You can use it as a grill and griddle


  • It has a tricky setup

5. Best Stainless Steel: Green Mountain Wood Fired Pizza Oven for Grill

The Green Mountain brand produces high-quality grills, ovens, and accessories. The company is loved by most pizza chefs worldwide for its functionality and great quality.

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The oven included a pizza stone I used to prepare delicious pizza recipes easily. The model was also suitable for a GMG pellet grill that you can convert into a professional oven. I was able to cook homemade pizza using this amazing device.

The model heated up to a temperature that imitated a real wood-burning oven; thus, I could prepare an authentic pizza with a crispy crust and moist dough. The result was faster since the heat was channeled from the firebox and directed to the baking chamber.

The oven heated up to 800F, and I baked pizza in less than 4 minutes. The housing chamber was made of high-quality stainless steel, allowing free airflow to enhance heat and bake faster.

We used this pizza oven to experiment with various pizza recipes and bake other pastries such as pies, bread, and cookies. It was also easy to set it up, as it took us less than a minute to install the oven on a grill.

We preferred removing the grates and greasing the tray and shields. Then placed our pizza stone on the tray before we put the dome on the grill. Plus, the manufacturer offered a three months warranty allowing us a replacement in case of any defects.


  • It has a fast heating mechanism
  • It is made of high-quality steel
  • It has a powerful airflow system


  • It has a bulky design

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Grill For Pizza

1. Size

A pizza grill is an external attachment to your current oven. So you need to find out its dimensions and compare them to your oven to see if it will fit. After all, if you buy a grill that is incompatible with your oven, you will have wasted your money.

Also, do not forget about the size of the pizza you intend to make, as the size of your grill will limit you. The average pizza ovens bake up to 12 inches of pizza, but the largest ovens can go up to 16 inches.

2. Materials

Stainless steel pizza ovens are the universal choice for pizza making. They are durable and easy to clean, plus they are not heavy and thus portable for outdoor parties. You can cover them using other materials, but they must be durable too.

Stainless steel pizza ovens often come with a pizza stone that is traditionally made of cordierite ceramic to consume extra moisture from the base of your dough and make the pizza crusty.

3. Heat

Naturally, pizza oven models for grills get heated up more than the grill itself. If you have a powerful grill, it can heat up to 2100F. The lowest temperature is 700F, but the heating capacity depends on the pizza oven's convection features and its ability to hold temperature.

Double-walled pizza ovens increase the heat inside and keep the temperature longer. However, you do not need extremely high temperatures to bake your pizza as it can cook at 700-800F. Plus, higher temperatures may burn your pizza crust.

4. Portability

The best pizza ovens with grills are portable. Portability enables you to use it as an outdoor and indoor pizza oven. Most pizza ovens have a handle so that you can carry them around. Also, before you buy, ensure you check on its weight to ensure it is manageable. You can get pizza ovens weighing only 25 pounds, while heavier ones can weigh up to 50 pounds.

5. Price

Price is the most important factor to consider, as you must work within your budget while choosing a quality oven. It does not mean that affordable pizza ovens are not quality or vice versa.

Ideally, you should not go for ovens that cost more than $500 or less than $200. To confirm that a product is great, you can go through the Amazon customer review section and see what customers who have already bought the oven say about it.

6. Design

Most pizza ovens in the market have a streamlined contemporary look with a stainless steel finish with an interior pizza stone baking surface. Some pizza oven models are black or gray, but some do not have various color options to choose from.

Small pizza ovens have their heat source at the back, while those with an open flame allow it to extend up to the oven roof to heat a portion of pizza directly. Here, the oven will have a vaulted roof that imitates the heating pattern of traditional brick ovens.

You can turn the pizza oven on using an ignition knob if you are using a gas pizza oven. It also includes a dial to control the flame output. Charcoal and wood-fired pizza ovens have a starter and are match-lit like gas grill ovens. Electric pizza ovens are set to a specific time and temperature via a dial; they have an indicator light that alerts you when you finish pre-heating.

7. Type

The best pizza ovens are available in indoor and outdoor models, so you can choose according to your space and your lifestyle preference. You might be looking for something bigger than your toaster or smaller than your oven for making pizza. If so, look for compact portable indoor models that can help you prepare crusty pizza, and you can store them neatly.

However, if you have ample outdoor space, you can go for sturdy models that stand independently and can use a grill top to make pizza.

8. Warranty

Most pizza ovens come with a one-year warranty, while some extend their warranties up to 3 or 5 years. If you buy a quality pizza oven, it can last for many years. However, if you experience defects or you find that your pizza oven needs repair after the warranty has expired, you can repair it yourself or consult the manufacturers. Some companies may offer replacement parts or advise you on what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Grill For Pizza

1. Which type of pizza oven should you choose, wood-fired, electric, or gas?

The type of pizza oven with grills that a person chooses is based on preferences and available space. However, some prefer wood-fired pizza ovens since they give out the burnt wood flavor. These pizza ovens use wood pellet grills and are the best outdoor pizza ovens.

Electric models are simple to use as they work like toaster ovens. However, they reach high temperatures quickly and have unique settings for pizza.

Gas pizza ovens or kits used as a gas grill are best used as indoor pizza ovens since they are easier to use and maintain. Plus, they come in smaller sizes than wood-fired pizza ovens.

The Best Grill for Pizza [2023 Top Pick]