19 Types of Pizzas You Didn’t Know Existed

Regarding the food we eat, we tend to stick to the occasional cuisines we are familiar with. The same applies to pizza. When asked, most people mainly eat a variety of two to three types of pizza, whereas there are various types available. As you desire to venture to other great pizzas available, this article will guide you to find different types of pizza.

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1. Neapolitan Style Pizza

When you hear the word pizza, the first thing that comes to mind is Neapolitan. This pizza is worth mentioning as it is the birth of the different types of pizza we enjoy today.

Neapolitan pizza

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Neapolitan Pizza is an actual pizza made in Italy. This pizza first appeared in Naples in 1889, during the visit of Queen Margherita. The local Naples had a special pizza made for her that comprised tomatoes, mozzarella, basil leaves, and oregano, the Neapolitan pizza traditional toppings. The colors of the toppings were symbolic as they represented the Italian flag.

The pizza was later referred to as the Margherita pizza in her honor. Neapolitan Pizza has remained one of the most well-liked varieties of pizza since that time. Neapolitan Pizza is a thin pizza that often has a lot of tomato sauce and little cheese sauce.

While mozzarella and basil are the only ingredients typically found in pizza Margherita, you can customize the pizza with toppings of your liking. The Neapolitan pizza is your best bet if you want authentic Italian pizza. According to the Neapolitan pizza baking suggestions, the secret to this great pizza is how you prepare the pizza dough.

There are just two styles of Neapolitan pizzas available in traditional pizzerias today: Pizza Marinara (made with oregano, tomato sauce, garlic, and olive oil) and Margherita (made with fresh basil, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and olive oil).

2. New York-Style Pizza

Beginning in the early 1900s, New York-Style Pizza gained popularity and has remained a staple in New York and worldwide. Although it has a thin crust, it differs from a Neapolitan pizza because it is often considerably bigger. As a result, most people prefer buying New York pizza in the large slices it mainly comes in rather than purchasing it as a whole.

Newyork pizza

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The New York-style pizza is prepared by hand and uses dried and grated mozzarella instead of fresh parmesan cheese. It also uses anchovies, mushrooms, red pepper flakes, pepperoni, and sausage as additional toppings.

New York Pizza is mostly baked in coal or wood-fired oven for the most genuine flavor, but many people bake them on gas deck ovens, which produces a crispy and delectable outcome. After the pizza has baked evenly, it is cut into 8 pieces, ready for serving. This pizza is recommended to be folded in half as the locals eat it.

3. Chicago Style Pizza

If you like deep-pan pizza, you must sample the Chicago Pizza. These pizzas are considerably smaller and not at all like traditional Italian pizza.

Chicago-Style Pizza

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Chicago is where this deep-dish pizza first appeared in the early 1900s. It has been a well-liked dish in America ever since. It appears more like a pie when you consider its size than a pizza. The Chicago-style pizza comes in thin crust and deep dish pizza.

According to the Chicago pizza baking suggestions, the best way to prepare this Chicago deep dish pizza is by preparing your dough over a deep, oil-covered skillet. Once the dough is ready, we top the dough with mozzarella cheese, ground beef, green peppers, marinara sauce, and other toppings, followed by crushed tomatoes.

For the Chicago thin-crust pizza, you will require to roll out your pizza dough rather than hand toss it before grilling it to create a round thin, cracker-crisp crust that is infamous for cutting the roof of an unwary eater’s mouth.

Tavern-Style Pizza

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Once the pizza is well baked, you will require to layer the pizza with tomato sauce lavishly and mozzarella cheese, then divide the pie into square portions.

Read here for the difference between Newyork style pizza and Chicago-style pizza.

4. Greek-Style Pizza

At first glance, Greek pizza may appear identical to Italian pizza. This is because Greek pizza became popular in New York and New England, where it was first prepared. Despite not being the most popular pizza, Greek pizzas are quite good. Greek pizza has a bottom that is almost deep-fried in appearance due to its thick and chewy pizza crust that is baked in shallow, oiled pans.

Greek-Inspired Pizza

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Although the pizza is considered a thin style pizza, it does have a thicker foundation and a bigger crust when compared to Italian or New York-Style Pizza. Greek Pizza is prepared differently from most other types of pizza, even though they may share many of the same components.

According to the Greek pizza baking suggestions, before baking the pizza, you will require to put the pie in a pan and then brush its crust generously with olive oil, giving it a crispier and greasier texture than its Neapolitan siblings.

You will also need to layer the dough with Greek and non-Greek pizza traditional toppings, such as feta cheese, red onions, and black olives.

5. Sicilian Style Pizza

Although both Sicilian and Neapolitan originated in Italy, these great pizzas differ significantly. Sicilian pizza became popular in the 19th century when it was served in the bakeries of Sicily, an island that sits off the coast of mainland Italy.

Sicilian Pizza

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Sicilian pizza is square, not the classic circular pizza shape. Despite being a thick-style pizza, it has a thicker and often crispier crust than Neapolitan pizza. Regarding its taste, it tastes more like bread than pizza. While it might not be the most popular choice, it makes for a good snack.

According to Sicilian pizza baking suggestions, to achieve an even bake, you will require stretching your dough onto a rectangular pan and letting it rise and ferment. Once your dough is ready, you will have to bake it, creating an airy and puffy pizza similar to bread.

6. St. Louis-Style Pizza

Another pizza that has a thin crust is the St. Louis pizza. Nevertheless, it has far more crispness than New York-style pizza. Its texture is more like that of a cracker than a soft pizza. St. Louis pizza is often served as large rectangular slices, unlike other forms of pizza you consume whole.

St. Louis-Style Pizza

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It does not have the typical circular pizza form. This particular pizza is unique because it is not made with yeast like the bulk of other pizzas, which contributes to its crunchy feel.

According to Louis pizza baking suggestions, to achieve the St. Louis-style Pizza, you will require layering your pie with Provel (processed cheese), a blend of cheddar, green chili pepper slices, swiss, and provolone cheeses.

7. Detroit Style Pizza

There is no finer pizza than Detroit pizza if you like cheese-laden pastries. The Detroit pizza is another popular option for individuals who want large pizzas.

Detroit-style pizza

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Once more, this is another pizza made on a rectangular pan and does not have the usual circular form. Instead, this types of pizza feature a thick crust that resembles the Chicago pizza in several aspects.

However, the pizza’s base becomes crispier by grilling the dough over a frying pan. Therefore, while the base and crust are both crispy, the pizza’s light and soft center cannot be described similarly. This Detroit pizza utilizes small pieces of pepperoni and a crust covered in thick cheese layering for the toppings.

According to Detroit pizza baking suggestions, we make this pizza by grilling a thick Sicilian-style crust over an oil-coated steel pan.

8. California Style Pizza

California pizza is another variety frequently served in slices rather than as an entire pie.

California pizza

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Both the Neapolitan and the New York styles of pizza are comparable to this type. However, contrary to other pizzas, this pizza distinguishes itself by its California pizza traditional toppings comprising guacamole, bacon, eggs, smoked salmon, goat cheese, pepperoni, hot chili peppers, artichoke hearts, or any other vegetable or vegetable garnish you might find at a normal farmer’s market.

Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we suggest trying this classic pizza.

9. Roman Style Pizza

This particular pizza is unique because it has a thick crust resembling focaccia bread. The pizza is severed by dividing it into square slices sold according to weight. The best way to eat this pizza is by folding the slices in half and eating with your hands.

A chef dividing a roman style pizza into squares

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Roman Pizza comes in two forms: a round pizza and a rectangle pizza. Consumers will often eat the latter at home as takeout while dining out on the former. The round-style Roman Pizza is oilier than its counterpart. We like this kind of pizza since the dough is delicious and the components are straightforward and fresh.

The most common way to serve a Roman pizza is to prepare a long, rectangular pie with a thin crust, lots of sauce, and little to no cheese.

Instead of using more tomato sauce, Roman Pizza favors chives and olives. The pizza can settle out well even when you put on more sausages and spicy cheeses, which melt delightfully in the electric oven, thanks to its bubbly, thick crust.

10. Brooklyn Style Pizza

When Domino’s Pizza released its “Brooklyn Style” pizza in 2006, it stirred the pizza community.

Brooklyn Style Pizza

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Pies made in Brooklyn are similar to pies made in New York. However, Brooklyn-style pizzas are known for their somewhat bigger pies and larger traditional toppings.

The pizza utilizes traditional toppings such as hot pepper sauce, cheese, olives, and the best garlic butter sauce. To achieve a crispy crust, Brooklyn pizza baking suggestions call for baking the pie in a pizza oven for 10 to 15 minutes at a temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. Calzone-Style Pizza

The calzone is the other style of pizza that we will cover on this list. Although it is not strictly a pizza, it qualifies. If you have never had a calzone, it is simply a folded pizza baked in a wood-fired oven.

It is a classic Italian meal invented in Naples in the 18th century. The calzone’s initial traditional toppings were parmesan, ham, mozzarella, salami, and ricotta.

Folded pizza slices

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Calzone-style pizza may occasionally include veggies as well. Although it is a folded pizza, it is flavorful and not unduly thick. Calzone-style pizza is a delectable substitute for a typical pie that requires eating it with a knife and fork.

12. Bagel Pizza

Bagel bites were first made popular in the 1990s. Teenagers who wanted an after-school snack found them quite popular and microwaveable. Bagel pizzas are rather tasty in their more natural condition, even though those delicacies could have been more nutritious.

Pizza toppings like pepperoni, ham, pineapple, or fresh veggies are common combos. Add some mozzarella cheese shreds, then bake them until the cheese is melted. Bagel pizzas are the ideal snack when you want pizza but want to commit to a partial dinner.

13. Grandma Pizza

This type of pizza features a denser and thinner crust like the Sicilian pizza. The dough is pressed into the pan, but unlike Sicilian, it isn’t allowed to rise, earning this pie its name in honor of the Italian grandmothers who frequently baked them at home using a sheet pan.

Grandma Pizza

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Instead, before baking in the oven, it is immediately covered with chunky tomato sauce and garlic.

14. Vegetarian Pizza

Even though most people prefer meat, they occasionally eat vegetarian pizza. Although this pizza has been around for a while, people have yet to learn where it came from.

Since ancient times, vegetables have been included as toppings to these pizzas. It may be cooked with various pizza crusts and topped with ingredients such as spinach, aubergines, mushrooms, olives, peppers, and onions i.e., the best vegan pizza toppings.

Those who want a vegetarian pizza can put nearly any veggie on the pie. Although it is optional, we advise adding cheese. To avoid soggy veggies, remember that this pizza has to be baked for longer. Additionally, if you’re reheating the pizza, be aware that the veggies can burn.

15. Supreme Pizza

The supreme pizza is the best option when unsure about your topping preferences. The term “supreme” alludes to the long list of toppings strewn on these pies, including pepperoni, sausage, and veggies.

What Toppings Come on a Supreme Pizza? - The Sauce by Slice

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And what truly makes it pop is how the tastes work together.

16. Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizza doesn’t necessarily conjure images of biting into a hot, tasty slice of pizza. Given their enormous development, frozen pizza is just as delicious as delivered pizza. You may select the topping you like because it is listed on the package cover. The product is also tagged with baking instructions.

17. Diavolo Pizza

The fiery and spicy Diavolo pizza is another well-known pizza. The Diavolo is an Italian dish traditionally made with mozzarella, fiery chili peppers, and spicy salami spread over a tomato base.

This pizza stands out from the competition because of the chili peppers, earning it the moniker Diavolo (devil)—a fiery pizza. Over the years, the Diavolo has influenced several pizza recipes, including olives and jalapenos in place of chilies. For this reason, the Diavolo pizza is for you if you want your meal hot and spicy.

18. BBQ Chicken Pizza

For all chicken lovers, this is a fantastic dish to try. Chicken, red onions, barbecue sauce, and a lot of cheese are used to make it. A brief amount of pre-cooking is done to the chicken.

A small barbecue sauce is added to keep the pizza from drying. Any cheese can be used, but combining mozzarella and gouda cheese elevates the dish to a new level!

19. Mushroom-Fontina Pizza

This pizza is delicious. Various mushrooms are employed, including shiitake, portobellos, buttons, and oysters. These are added as toppings after being finely sliced. To create it, just fontina cheese is used.

Mushroom-Fontina Pizza

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Sour cream, onions, and thyme can be added for flavor. Nothing compares to a fried egg and a mushroom-fontina pizza.

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19 Types of Pizzas You Didn’t Know Existed