13 Best Pizza Places In Omaha, NE [Latest Update 2023]

The first thing I look for in a town is the best pizza places, and Omaha had some surprising results. The competition for the best pizza in Omaha is tough because many delicious pizza places prompted me to do a tasting tour to find out which one would be my favorite pizza spot.

Here are the best pizza spots in Omaha, Ne.

1) Mama’s Pizza

Prices- From $12

Phone: +1 402-553-9270

Address: 715 Saddle Creek Rd

13 Best Pizza Places In Omaha, NE [Latest Update 2023]

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Almost everything is right with the pizzas offered at Mama's Pizza. From the ranch sauce to the delicious pizza toppings, the joint gives other pizza places a good run for their money. In addition, the crust on the pizza cooks longer and comes out tastier than others I have tasted in most other places.

Mama's Pizza has four locations in Omaha, making it the most convenient restaurant. Furthermore, the pizza there is large, making it the best deal if you hang out with friends. What's better is that you can catch different matches at Mama's Pizza because they have screens and spots for watching. This easily makes it the greatest of the pizza places in Omaha.

2) Zio’s Pizzeria

Price: From $7

Phone: 402-344-2222

Address: 1109 Howard Street

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Zio's pizza was surprisingly one of the best I had in Omaha. The pizza has enough cheese, which is the one thing I expect in my pizzas because I love cheese. The pizza at Zio's is warm, too, making it an enjoyable treat.

Good pizza comes with well-cooked dough, and Zio's pizza has the perfect dough for a tasty bite. In addition, the restaurant offers vegan options, and their gluten-free pizza is one of a kind.

I noticed that the ingredients on Zio's pizza are just the right amount, with the pepperoni being the perfect serving for my liking. The best part is that the pepperoni was not greasy at all.

The best thing about Zio's is that I could have my pizza made exactly how I wanted as long as I ordered it in advance. This way, I was not limited to the options they already have on the menu, which are also delicious. In addition, they have options like Thai pizza and New York-style pizzas.

3) Brick Oven Pizzeria

Price: From $9

Phone: (402) 393-2270

Address: 624 S 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68114

Image Source: beechmountainresort.com

Brick Oven is the best of all the vegan pizza spots in Omaha. They have the most options with fresh ingredients. The one thing that stood out for meat Brick Oven was how clean the place is. They focus on avoiding any cross-contamination on their food, and my safety was their priority. The service at Brick Oven is top-tier, and this is one pizza place I would recommend.

Brick Oven has it figured out with its crust. It is neither too thin nor thick enough for a good bite. As a result, this pizza will not have you feel played like in most other pizza spots.

4) Virtuoso Pizzeria

Price: From $6

Phone: +1 402-556-9090

Address: 6056 Maple St, Omaha, NE 68104, United States

Image Source: 3newsnow.com

The owner runs this pizza place, proof that good service is a priority at the pizza place. The pizza does not disappoint, and anyone with a craving will be satisfied. Every bite of the pizza is very satisfying because it has a thin crust with fresh ingredients. The Virtuoso Pizzeria pizza is a hard one to beat.

The Virtuoso pizza is not only huge but foldable for a glorious bite. I can say that their pizza is the best take-out pizza in Omaha. I could further order the pizza online and wait as I go about my other errands.

The one downside of the pizza place is that they do not offer a dine-in service. However, this is underway, and I am sure most people in Omaha are looking forward to when they will be open for dine-in services.

5) Frank’s Pizzeria

Price: From $7

Phone: +1 402-493-0404

Address: 711 N 132nd St, Omaha, NE 68154, United States

Image Source: mikespizzadeli.com

Whenever I feel like grabbing a New York-style pizza, Frank's Pizzeria is the place that comes to mind. The pizza place has a fluffy and soft pizza to savor, with the best sauce in town to have it with. The cheese on Frank's pizza both looks and tastes good. You can taste some garlic on their pizza too. This is something I liked about Frank's pizza.

One frustration I get whenever I visit a pizza place is the packed parking lots. Frank's has sufficient parking, which has nothing to do with the pizza but tremendously enhances the experience at the pizza place and makes it a great time to have.

6) Piezon’s Pizzeria

Price: From $6

Phone: +1 402-991-7437

Address: 15605 W Center Rd, Omaha, NE 68130, United States

Image Source:tasteofhome.com

Any pizza with good jalapeno and pepperoni will have me craving more. This is what Piezon's offers. The pizza has a thin crust with a tasty interior. Since the pizza place is not a franchise, they focus solely on making greatness in the name of pizza. The fresh ingredients on each pizza further add to the good time I have every time I visit the place.

The laid-back spot provides the perfect backdrop to relax and enjoy some pizza. There are a lot of TVs for anyone who is into game nights and major leagues.

7) Tasty Pizza

Price: From $6.75

Phone: +1 531-999-1246

Address: 1418 S 60th St, Omaha, NE 68106, United States

Image Source: daysoftheyear.com

Tasty Pizza is the place to be if you want tasty pizza; pun intended. The spot not only offers great meatball pizza but a good time as well. There is a good balance of the ingredients on the pizza offered at the outlet. The spices are not too harsh, which is exactly what I like about them. The pizza further has a crunchy crust to add to its tasty bite.

I love how Tasty Pizza does not go overboard with its recipe yet comes up with a delicious outcome on every pizza they serve in the restaurant. Each bite has just enough toppings to keep it mouthwatering.

The pizza place offers some good vegan pizza options, and you can enjoy them because they taste just as good as the other pizza options.

8) Lighthouse Pizza

Price: From $6.99

Phone: +1 402-932-6660

Address: 1004 S 74th Plaza, Omaha, NE 68114, United States

Image Source: lhpizza.com

If you have been to Lighthouse Pizza, you have seen the light: puns, we have more! The restaurant has a good vibe with great staff. However, regardless of how good a pizza might taste if the staff is not as good, it washes away the effort put into preparing it. The other good thing about the pizzeria is that it is locally owned and uses ingredients from local farmers, improving the local economy.

The cream cheese stood out for me. The cheese is not runny and is just the right portion. The slices are large, and just a couple of slices had me feeling full. The sauce offered by Lighthouse Pizza is unique to the restaurant, and you will not find it anywhere else, making the spot a one-of-a-kind.

While at the Lighthouse restaurant, I did not have to wait for long because their service was fast and convenient for anyone on the go. There is a friendliness that you will feel the moment you step into the pizza place.

9) Pitch Pizzeria

Phone: +1 402-289-4096

Address: 17808 Burke St

Price: From $5

Image Source: pitchpizziera.com

There is a lovely atmosphere and great pizza at Pitch Pizzeria. The pizza is good, which is not the only fantastic thing they offer. The spot has some tasty wings, and the cocktails are out of this world. There is enough cheese to stretch on the pizza, giving it a TV commercial vibe. The pizza has a chewy and crunchy feel, which is one thing most pizza places have not figured out how to balance properly.

The pizza in Pitch Pizzeria is New York-style inspired, and the ingredients are fresh off the farm. After all, fresh ingredients make for a good pizza at any time.

Pitch Pizzeria is a classy spot if you are looking for a hangout place. I loved the diversity you will find once you step into the doors, unlike other pizza places with boring buildings. You will see that Pitch Pizzeria is one of the most trendy pizza places in Omaha.

Whenever I was not in the mood to stay to have the pizza at the restaurant, Pitch offered a great take-out pizza. Apart from the really good pizza, the staff is super friendly, and the vibe at Pitch is one I look forward to having in any other restaurant.

10) Pizzeria Davlo

Price: From $11

Phone: +1 402-763-2375

Address: 14220 Fort St 101, 102, Omaha, NE 68164, United States

Image Source: recipetieneats.com

Family-owned pizza places have surprisingly good offerings, and Pizzeria Davlo is a testament to that. From the great cheese pull to the toppings made of fresh ingredients, the pizza has a very satisfying bite, and I felt nourished each time I stepped out of the pizza place.

Having pizza with friends is always a good time. Pizzeria Davlo has a laid-back space with large enough tables to fit my friends and me. If you have a family, this is the place to have a family eat out. The pizza place has a friendly service that will ensure you have a good time.

I look forward to this in every pizza place I go to.

Pizzeria Davlo has one thing I have not seen in other pizza places in Omaha: a full bar section. This is a delight because what is a good time without a beer with friends? Pizzeria Davlo is where I have the most fun with my pals whenever I am in Omaha.

11) Orsi's Italian Bakery & Pizzeria

Price: From $10

Phone: +1 402-345-3438

Address: 621 Pacific St, Omaha, NE 68108, United States

Image Source: orsibakery.com

Orsi's is an Italian bakery, and guess where the capital of pizza is? Italy. Orsi's brings the Italian vibe to their offerings, making it one of Omaha's most authentic pizza places. I found out a surprising fact about the pizza place: they have been in the pizza business for over 100 years. They have survived this long because of their restaurant's good pizza.

Apart from the pizza in Orsi's being one of the most awesome I had in Omaha, it is handmade. The crust is perfectly cooked, and there is a family recipe that makes it even better.

The service at Orsi's has a good culture of being helpful. I once saw them wheel an elderly citizen back to their car, and from that day, Orsi's is where I go whenever I feel like having pizza with good vibes.

Plus, whenever I want a delivery done, I can trust Orsi's to do it in good time.

12) Noli’s Pizzeria

Price: From $11

Phone: +1 402-359-1802

Address: 4001 Farnam St, Omaha, NE 68131, United States

Image Source: blackstonedistrict.com

Noli's is a hidden gem within Omaha. The pizza place is located at a convenient spot and is easy to access. The best part about Noli's is that I do not have to order a full pizza. Instead, I can have slices, especially if I am craving just a bit or want to have other dishes, such as spicy chicken.

I keep returning to Noli's because of the cooking process behind their signature pizzas. I might not have access to their kitchen, but I am certain they put some thought into their pizzas.

I find their single-slice pizza deal excellent, and I can take it any day. It helps me save, and I never have to contend with cold pizza later in the day.

13) La Casa Pizzaria

Price: From $11

Phone: +1 402-556-6464

Address: 4432 Leavenworth St, Omaha, NE 68105, United States

Image Source: omahapizzareview.com

I loved the mozzarella sticks offered at La Casa. Their thin-crust Margherita is also something I look forward to every time I step into the restaurant. The pizza has an extra crust, and theirs is the best crust on any pizza in Omaha.

I found something in La Casa that I did not find in other pizza places; the double-crust. The double crust comes as an addition to their ten classic pies, which is a deal you will not find anywhere. Their hamburger pizza is a standard that La Casa holds above other pizza places in Omaha. The special seasonings they use in their recipes are something I am yet to find elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Image Source: freepik.com

Omaha has a lot of other pizza places. However, the ones I have listed above stood out for me and are the ones I would return to any time I crave good pizza. I recommend you try out new places whenever possible, as those will surprise you the most. However, the above-listed spots are your go-to restaurants for a good pizza time with friends.

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13 Best Pizza Places In Omaha, NE [Latest Update 2023]